Help required please

Hi I have been cyber stalking you lovely people for a while now and had no real reason to show myself or even let you know of my existence. Until now…now I have a dilemma that everyone here is more than capable of solving for me. I happened to notice this morning that a couple of my girls have been cross dressing. I seen some of their boy bits they have been trying to hide. I know that it is probably best to banish them to the butter box but it is only a couple of places on each one of them. Was just wanting to know if I could castrate just the boy bits or whole branches to save them from a fate worse than life. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

welcome to ILGM, there are plenty of people here that can help. sorry im not the one. im only on my first grow.

i can give you advice but it is only regurgitating what ive read here:

cut the balls if you are sure theres no more or cull those dudes.

btw any idea what caused them to hermie?

Yeah you can pluck them. You will have to keep doing it religiously. Like checking every day all over the plant.

No none at the moment. Have 2 blackberry kush a banana kush a black widow and a couple white widow and it seems to be both the white widows. There’s a couple suspect looking bits on a blackberry but that could just be my eyes playing mean tricks on me.

You can keep plucking off the male parts, but it’s always a risk you’ll miss one and will pollinate your females. You should just kill it.