Help reading my plants

I need help reading my plant this leaf came from one of my girls in my veg tent I can’t seem to figure out what type of deficiency it may be only thing that has happened lately is a lack of watering unfortunately all im growing in FF OF/HF 50/50 mix yesterday started my 5th week on all my girls in my veg tent also I haven’t started feeding any nutes yet ive been just watering

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Your first pic looks like it maybe calcium def. if you haven’t started using nuits yet I would next watering. I use the same soil. Also what ph is your water before feeding.

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I typically aim for a ph of 6.0 to 6.7 before watering also i have General Hydroponics flora trio for nutes should I just start at 1/4 strength or should I get different nutes?

I haven’t used them I know ppl that do but they also use a cal-mag with it. As far as the strength of your nutes. I can only comment on what I used but your spot on. I started at 1/4 strength and am working my way up to full staying slow on the mix I’m 3 weeks into flower and I still haven’t used full strength of the ff schedule. Say in a 4 gal bucket I’ll use what it calls for a 3 gallon mix. No since in giving too much and risking a nute burn.

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And that’s a great range. I float my ph from about 6.4 and 6.7. I let it drift a lil each watering to allow for the plant to get a better uptake of nutes at different times.

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I’m assuming you are using ff nutes then also these are all clone cuts in my veg tent and are also in 1gal pots atm im switching to 5gal pots in 3 day and so they will have a bunch of fresh ff soil then should I start adding nutea now sense they will have fresh soil soon

If your going to replant in a 5 gal in a few days personally I would let them settle for a few days after they dry out from the first watering during transplant I would 1/4 mix nutes should do great. And yes to the fox farm nutes I use it and the schedule that they have. If you happen to use the beastie bloom and cha Ching can’t remember the other but those are stout still only using a 1/4 mix of them.

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Your soil is running low on nutes, time to start feeding.