Help Purpling leafs

I have some purple showing up, maybe related to the strain (Runtz) but to be sure could someone take a look at these pics and give me your thoughts?

I put leaves under scope and didn’t see any pests.

Last feed, 3 Gallons of RO water
10ml GH cal/mag
6ml GH micro
12ml GH bloom
5ml GH koolbloom

-What strain, Runtz, clone
-what week of flower - 32 days
-Method: Sunshine #4
-Vessels: fabric pots - 7 gal
-PH Solution 5.7, runoff 6.3.

  • EC of nutrient solution 1.5
    -Indoor size of grow space, 33x33x60 indoors
    -Light system LED, 2x Bestva p1000
    -Actual wattage draw of lights 210 combined
    -Current Light Schedule 12/12
    -Temps; Day79 - 82, Night 75
    -Humidity; Day 40, Night 50
    -Ventilation system; Yes, Size 400cfm

Were you not expecting them to turn purple? The colors are not just limited to the flowers.

Runtz is a purple strain so you will likely see more purple as you go.

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I did mention the strain and purpling in my first sentence of my post/
Honestly I’m not sure what strain of Runtz I have. It was sold to me as Runtz, but that seems to mean very little.
In your experience do they all turn purple?

I guess I was expecting the purpling to be more of a fade in, rather than spotting.

The purple tends to be what peeps will breed for but not all plants that can turn purple, will. Aside from genetics, temps can play a large roll in color changing. Something like a 15degree temp swing at night will give you purples. It will likely get darker as the days progress.

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Thanks, Docnraq.

My lights out period is never more than 5-6 degree difference.

I would hope with the nute solution that I’m using that phosphorus wouldn’t be a problem.

Can anybody else confirm that this purple spotting is normal shift in color?

I think it was @imSICKkid said that changing your PH to around 10 would also cause colors to come out on the plants.


Thats gotta be rough on the lady.

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Don’t know I never tried it. I would imagine it would cause lockout, its been awhile since whoever said it, said it, but I think they were in the late stage of flower.