HELP! Purple Gelato Green House

-What strain, Purple Gelato Photo (most likely clone looking at the way the branches are.
-Age of plant- unknown, Potted in 15gal pots on November 15th, 2021
-Method: Premium Potting mix from a local landscape company
-Vessels: 15 gallon totes
-PH and TDS of Water: Unsure
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable _ Unsure
-Method used to measure PH and TDS: none
-Indoor or Outdoor: Greenhouse, 15ft x 6ft
-Light system List brand and wattage/spectrum: LED shop lights x2
-Actual wattage draw of lights: unknown
-Current Light Schedule: about 12 hours at night, Kept on during the day but other then that natural sunlight.
-Temps; Day- about 50-60s, Night- mid 30s, Doesn’t snow here in dead center of California.
-Humidity; Day- 80s-90s about, Night- About the same as day. Don’t vent during the day or night
-Ventilation system; Yes, side vent flap
-AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: none
-Co2: None besides natural

It seems like also, growth has came to a stop. Posting for a friend.

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It doesn’t get really hot this time of year until we hit summer and the heat gets pretty bad. These plants are a friend of mine and I was posting for him to see if I could figure out what could be causing it.

Water schedule is about 1 gallon of city water with 1tsp(recommend dose for indoor plants) of miracle grow per week and about .5- 1 gallon of straight city water in between feedings. Once the problem started, he gave them a good flush thinking it could be to much fertilizer but the problem was still there.

you could try to flush it out but with MG it could release more nutrients and make things worse.

It doesnt look terrible, id just keep the course and hope she gets used to what youre feeding her.

check out captain jacks dead bug for an organic pest control product.

also, i hear good things about real growers grow dots, if you are looking for a dry amendment feed nutrient.


Interesting. I haven’t heard of that one before. Myself, I’ve been using Growers Ally Spider Mite and fungicide concentrate and so far so good. I was just informed about the hot water mix (as I said in my original post) or another one I’ve came across was Trifetan Crop Control. Either one I haven’t tried.

I’ll check into the grow dots. I think I’ve heard of them before but I can’t remember.

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i’ve just linked two journals documenting grow dot’s versus something else.

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Awesome!! Thank you. I’ll be sure to check them out.

First thing I would recommend is getting a ph pen and ppm meter. If your water is not right going in around 6.5 then you are blind, so can do everything else right but you will have root lock. Where you water is off the plant can Not absorb anything your are feeding it, and you are honestly starving her from the the inside out. The TDS meter or ppm meter will help you know how much you need to feed, it measure how much good or bad stuff you are feeding, but like above if your are not ph your watering going in, you can have lock out or in mobilized all the good your are giving and wasting what ever nutes your are feeding, Ali have you flushed yet ? To make sure there are no salt build up yet ?

I agree it looks possibly environmental.

U said to LED shop lights… can you find any labels or possibly a model online? It would help alot.

Also how far away are the lights from the plant canopy?

@Kingkupa I haven’t tested the water. We are on city water and the last couple grows came out fine besides being light and airy. Done one flush thinking it was to much fertilizer when first noticed. Haven’t done any pest or fungicide spray since these plants were transplanted into 15gallon totes.

@PurpNGold74 I ended up showing the photos as posted to a local hydroponics store where I go for everything and he said possible russet mites. The lights were bought from Lowes and they’re around 4,000 lumens each x2 , 4ft long and are about 15inch or more above in the center of the green house about 6ft wide inside by 15ft or more. They were used during the last couple grows and worked fine. This is the first time growing in colder weather and don’t use a heater.

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Light and fluffy buds could be a multitude of issues, maybe your ph is of a little bit allowing your plants to take all the Nutes possible, and also lighting plays a big part, not familiar with you light I use LED , I’m under the impression that Lumens are a measurement of brightness of a light. Not ppfd, which measure photons , of certain wavelengths, and the certain light wavelengths are what you need to properly give you plants optimal energy for photosynthesis

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@Kingkupa It could be a little bit of the PH. Being a green house, the only time lights are on is at night or over cast days. Being one of buddies plants, he does his own thing and myself having a grow going of the same plants mine seems to be doing alright. Thinking it could be a little bit of the PH along with the lighting, it could also be the fertilizer being not applied in the right order due to having light fluffy buds. I’m thinking about ordering a PH pen and a TDS/PPM meter but I wouldn’t know the exact numbers mean. I know it’ll be learning curve for sure.

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Well that’s ok, please excuse me what is a Green House ? On the other hand I think most nutes you buy will come with a feeding schedule or you can look them up on line. Same point most nutes will come with recommend ppm reading that you are shooting for when you feed, because the numbers will change during the life cycle of your plant, example use nitrogen earlier on and as you flower less nitrogen and your start to add bloom nutes. Same point for me at least this is one of my favorite hobbies, and something is better then nothing, is my Philosophy, beats going to a dispensary, or having to go on the street and buy it, and keep spending $ cash, that’s doesn’t grow on trees haha lol, also like you said massive learning curve, I feel like whenever you think you know everything you know nothing, we are all still learning that 1 of the great things about this forum, it’s people helping people for one common goal that we all have in common. We all love cannabis, good luck and happy growing

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I grow outdoors in a home made greenhouse made of a frame out of 2x4, 1 inch PVC pipe (arched or rounded) and 6 mil clear plastic. I use 6-15 gallon totes that I put into the ground abit to allow the plants to have room to grow. I have 4- LED 4ft shop lights at about 5500 lumens each. On my first grow. I’ve tried 2 lights and all 6 plants were going towards the center so had to add 2 more lights and have them straight above the plants. The plants seem like they are clones but have some Bruce banner and a single Blue Dream seeds going. 2 of them are survivors that were water logged from a buddy of mine but they seem like they are slowly coming around.

It’s a learning curve for sure to get down the right system since everyone has there own that works. I’m still learning that’s what nice about these forums that you learn from other growers that love the same thing like myself. Thank you and Happy growing yourself!!

Nuke them little bastards! Captain Jacks, Neem (not in flower), Spinosad… whatever it takes. Death to Pests!!!

O sorry man when I asked about a green house, I’m a little slow sometimes, or ask my side she say all the time lol, but that dose sound pretty awesome the set up U have, I’m stuck in a 4x4 tent, would love some real fresh air and to be outside, we’ll best of luck and keep us posted


Me too! Stupid state laws… im in Mississippi with a 9-10 month growing season… could u imagine the trees we’d put out if legalized? Man im itching to go outdoors


at least Va. lets you grow 2 in veg and 2 in flower . and any thing under 9 is a ticket .
:alien: Happy Growing

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@Kingkupa I completely understand. It’s a nice set up for sure. I’m still learning. I ended up getting my medical card due to knee pain (particle torn ACL in my right knee), and insomnia due to California getting it legalized. This is my first grow in the winter months so it’s a more of a learning curve. Thank you, gonna need some luck.

@PurpNGold74 That’s a bummer for sure about certain states along with growing season. If grown right, they can be massive for sure.

@alienofasoul That’s a nice way of growing where your crops are split up instead of having everything done at once.

Happy Growing everyone and Thanks to everyone for their input!