Help posting pics plz


Im loving posting reading posts.
But i cant work out how to post my pics. Below on this screen says upload. I click that and it comes up to pick camera. I do it take my pic but it dont appear on my posts.
Plz explain to me if you can as ive got alot id like to share. Home made grow units. Buds etc.


@Hammer can you help with this one mate


Did you wait for the pictures to upload? Sometimes the pics take a few secs to upload… This is how i do it off my phone. I take the pictures that i need off the camera app ,i click upload in the bottom right hand corner off the website, i click documents when it prompts for camera or camera recording, i scroll down to gallery from the options ( camera gallery, sd gallery, screenshots , click whichever one has your already taken photos (probably gallery), chose your photo and it will take u back to the page with your reply or post with the picture ready to be posted. If the photo isnt uploaded yet it will have a percentage next to the “upload” button… Pictures appear in your reply or post as numbers and letters until u hit post or reply… Hope this helps


Great help. Thanks heaps i posted my first pic post in bud of the month. I appreciate you going into so much detail. Now i can use forum like i need to. Thanks again.


This community Rocks !!!


@FyshhTrap im with you. Im a happy member. What a forum. What a seed bank. Its got it all.


No problem, my pleasure to be of some help. @number1fan


@number1fan . sorry for the tardiness .:slight_smile: Looks like Dr Dank’s got you covered …good job .Hammer .