Help pls, is this showing sex

is this showing sex?

Hard to tell with that red circle around it but looks like it is. Female?

this is the only thing ive seen on it so far

Yes it looks like it is

Give it a few days. But that is where it will let you know.


it comes to a somewhat fine point on the tip…this would be an indicator that i may have a female correct

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That’s the spot. You’re wanting a little pistil. If it starts to dangle or segment or open like a flower, it’s a male.

Good luck. Keep a close eye on it if you have other plants…

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i have some autos going that are really young, this plant is just a random seeds so idk what strain or anything, it came from some pretty good green though


Bet you $20 it’s a hermaphrodite. So you’ll see some pistils and some sacs forming.

Those areas you circled are definitely concerning - they look like the beginning of male sacs. Too early to say with certainty but I’m leaning that way given the seed history.


i hope not lol

Yeah me too :crossed_fingers:

But unless you know the grower you got the weed from has males or they grow outside in open air, then the chances are real high they came from a herm plant, and a herm generates more herms. I’m actually force-sexing a bag seed right now after it’s twin seed was a herm to see if they’ll all be bad seeds. If so theyre getting chucked. :sob:

Its abit hard to tell but im thinking it may be male to me it looks like it has a ball sack on it i could be wrong thou

Is there a way u can get a close up pic of that spot hard to tell from so far away it looks like fem in one pic make in the other lol. A good close up will be the tell tale

best photos i can get with my crappy phone…jus need to know if i need to get this outta my tent before my autos start to flower

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Hard to say with these pics , I see a little suspicious ball looking like it might be forming but it looks kinda early to say for sure

ill try to use my wifes phone to get better pics when she gets home, yea there are about 10-20 suspicious looking ball objects on it, all come to a point instead of round

Oh that doesn’t sound good

the plus side is that its just a random seed, not 1 i purchased lol

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i was able to get a jewelers loupe close enough to see, def a male😭, weird though cause i just pulled it and it had other growth coming off the roots in the soil- like a whole new baby plant

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