Help please zinc deficiency

New grower, from everything I have read i seems to have a zinc deficiency which is causing a nutrient lock I have flushed the plant and the root zone is at 7.0 ph.
Using general hyponics grow, diamond nector, and cal-mag at half strength in soil. On well water that ph’s at 6.0
Running a 2000w led in a 2x4x5 tent
Any help would be appreciated

Hi - can you post some pics in natural light (non-LED blurple).

Also, you gave some good info, but if you can fill out this ticket, it woul help us take a look at whats going on.

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA:

Age from sprout:
Age from flower:

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

How often do I water and how do I determine when to water:

PH and TDS/ppm of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS.

Indoor or Outdoor:

Room size:

Light system, size, height from plants:

Temps; Day, Night:

Humidity; Day, Night:

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size:

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier:

Co2; Yes, No:

Any other info you think is pertinent:

Your not using the nutrient system right… follow instructions at 1/2 strength… should clear up most things… :wink:


Should i let it dry for a couple of days before reintroducing nutrients at 1/4 strength or go ahead and give it some nutrients I’m kinda lost on what the next step is

Take a pic… of problem plant…in natural light… :wink:


What’s your ph runoff… major purple stems… also looks overwatered , which will lead to out of wack ph… :wink:
Lots of issues going on here… :thinking:

Right, my other one is doing great cant figure this one out.
Ph run off was 6.0, soil ph 7.0
My cal-mag and diamond nector water is 6.5 as well as my grow nutrients
My humidity runs about 49
Temperature 75

*Run off after flush was 6.0 not sure of before


Your right … It’s A Zinc Deficiency.

Zinc (Zn) Micro Nutrient and an Immobile element.

Zinc plays a lot of roles in the plants, first off zinc aids in the plants size and
maturity as well as production of leaves, stalks, stems and branches. Zinc is an
essential component in many enzymes as well as growth hormone auxin .Low auxin levels
can be the cause of stunting of the plants leaves and the shoots. Zinc is also important
in the formation and activity of chlorophyll. Plants that have a good level of Zinc,
can handle long droughts. So that’s why Zinc plants an important role how it absorbs moisture.

Zinc deficiencies on some plants will have the Spotting and bleached spots (chlorosis)
between the veins first appears on the older leaves first, and then goes on to the immature
leaves. It will then start to slowly affect tips of growing points of the plants. When the
zinc deficiency happens so suddenly, the spotting can appear to be the same symptoms to
that of an iron and manganese, without the seeing the little leaf symptom.
Zinc is not mobile in plants so the symptoms will occur mainly in the newer growths.
Having a plant that is deficiency in Zinc can cause small crops, short shoots and have
a cluster of small distorted leaves near the tips. Between the veins (Interveinal)
yellowing is often combined with overall paleness. Pale or grayish, yellowing between
the veins; rosetted weak is the signs of a Zinc deficiency.
With a low level of zinc in your plants, your yields will be dramatically reduced.
Interveinal chlorosis is present in the small, narrow distorted leaves at the ends of
really shortened shoots and the shortening between internodes. Leaf margins are often
distorted or wrinkled. These nutrients will get locked out due to high pH: Zinc, Iron,
and Manganese. These deficiencies will often occur together. Parts affected by a zinc
deficiency are young leaves and petioles.

Having an excess of Zinc is very rare, but when it does happen it can cause wilting
and in worse cases death.

Problems with Zinc being locked out by PH troubles

High ph, Low organic matter, High Phosphorus levels in the soil, and or lack of nitrogen.


Zinc gets locked out of soil growing at ph levels of 4.5-4.7, 7.5-9.5
Zinc absorbed best in soil at a ph level of 5.0-7.0 (Wouldn’t recommend having a
soil ph of over 7.0 in soil) Anything out of the ranges listed will contribute to a Zinc Deficiency.

Hydro and Soil less Mediums

Zinc gets locked out of Hydro and Soil less Mediums at ph levels of 5.7-8.5
Zinc is absorbed best in Hydro and Soil less Mediums at ph levels of 4.0-5.5
(Wouldn’t recommend having a ph over 6.5 in hydro and soil less mediums.) Best
range for hydro and soil less mediums is 5.0 to 6.0. Anything out of the ranges
listed will contribute to a Zinc Deficiency.

Solution to fixing a Zinc deficiency
Any Chemical/Organic nutrients that have potassium in them will fix a Zinc deficiency.
(Only mixing at ½ strength when using chemical nutrients or it will cause nutrient burn!)
And any of the following nutrients will fix a zinc deficiency: Zinc sulfate, zinc chelated,
or zinc oxides are adequate fertilizer sources for zinc. Or you can bury galvanized nails in
the soil. (Make sure you take off the sharp point at the end to prevent roots from being damaged)
Garden Manure, which is slow acting. Greensands, Cottonseed Meal are both medium/slow absorption
as well.

Now if you added to much chemical nutrients and or organics,( which is hard to burn your plants
when using organics) You need to Flush the soil with plain water. You need to use 2 times as
much water as the size of the pot, for example: If you have a 5 gallon pot and need to flush it,
you need to use 10 gallons of water to rinse out the soil good enough to get rid of excessive

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Strain: unknown (was given to my cousin in a coffee can then he transplanted it in to the current pot)
Age: unknown ( I’ve had it for about a month and a half)
Soil in pot probably miracle grow
I water when I stick my finger into the soil and its dry about an inch to a inch and a half in
Was using 1/2 strength general hyponics grow, diamond nector and cal-mag
Very first indoor grow
4x2x5 tent
2000 watt bestva led
Day temp 75-79
Night temp 72-75
Humidity runs 40- 49%
Ventilation 6"
Humidifier yes
Co2 no
I’m super new at this so I’m reading everything I can. The plant was growing great unfortunately I didn’t recognize trouble in time to head it off e5cdb5c504f5cd45381b0625cfffa10ddb40055a_1_1332x1000|666x500

Well I have flushed the plant and restarted nutrients at 1/4 strength hopefully the plant will recover
Thank you everyone for your help

Hello sir or ma’am
I was reading an article you posted about ppm on water I’m on well water with ppm of 64 @72 degrees and a ph of 6.22. When I mix my nutrients in at 1/2 strength it goes to 755 ppm ph of 6.42. I would say that I have about a month left to veg. Should I be adding ph buffer prior to mixing my nutrients? Could you please expound on this subject because the way I’m reading the article my water before mixing nutrients should be 450-700 ppm OS this correct?
Thank you for your time and help

You P H after you add you nutrients

I think she needs to be transplanted. What size pot is it?

Regarding the well water pH/ppm, by contrast, my well water is about 8pH and 180ppms. I don’t use calmag because of the level of ppms - its in the sauce! - and just add 1/4 nutes, then pH down. I think your pH and ppms after you go 1/2 nutes is good - you want to be at 6.5 and you are at 6.4 so no need to meddle with it.

Do you have a ppm meter? And have you measured the pH or ppms of the runoff?

I just got my digital meters but I was using the liquid test out of general hyponics ph up/down kit and the ph was 6.5 ph run off not sure how accurate that is but will have a better reading on the next watering. As far as the pot I think it’s about 5 or six gallons its pretty big so I’m not sure i can transplant it without killing it?

It looks like it is only about half full, but it is difficult to tell from the pics. Having your plant in a full 5 gallon pot is adequate for an adult photo plant.

Plant seems to have recovered thanks for all the help


Hey there I’m having the same problem but in rockwool. My plants look exactly like yours and I’m feeding veg+bloom nutes at full strengtth ph’d at 5.9 week 6 of veg.

How long did it take for your plants to recover fully? I’m getting ready to flower and need them to recover asap. Did doing less nutes and lower ph help? Any help would be appreciated thanks!