Help please, yellowing leaves

Can anybody tell me what’s going on with these little ones? Any ideas at all would be helpful thank you.

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My guess is pH issue, over watering. That burnt tip looks like possible nute burn.

What the pH going in? What’s your watering schedule and are you using nutes?

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Planted in coco , no nutrients, rain water out of a sprayer every morning if they look dry.

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any help would be appreciated

I would say if your in coco she needs some lite nutrients. Looks like she has used up everything in the first set of leaves that provide the plant with nutes at the beginning.

I’ll tag you in my journal and you’ll see I had the same issue.

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What kind of coco? A lot of them need to be rinsed and charged with calcium before used. If I had to guess this stuff wasn’t, and that’s what you’re seeing.

I just recently started messing around with coco myself. @MattyBear @Not2SureYet @imSICKkid any thoughts?

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Seems like they are eating themselves. In coco you have to provide nutrients from the jump. Yeah yeah, some people let the cotelydons feed for a week but that’s the wrong answer. If you wait to feed then 9 times outta 10 the growth is stunted, almost like the plant has a hiccup for a week. Definitely start feeding her and keep your ph in check around 5.8 to 6.0


I am with @Zee here. I think you have over watered. And I start feeding about 10 days out. So similar to what @imSICKkid. I don’t water for at least 5 days after I put the seed in the rooter. And after that, Only about 6ml on the outer edge of a pot like that when needed. less water is a better deal than over watering at this stage. Well, that is my 02 only. It may take a few plants to see what works best for you.


Once he gets his third set of true leaves he shouldnt have to worry about overwatering coco. He hasnt fed anything but rain water and you can see the plant color fading out from the bottom up. The cotelydons are depleted and now its feeding on the first set of leaves it grew.


hungry…feed it…feed it

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Thanks for the ideas, I will start a light feeding schedule. Thanks again.