Help Please...Very Yellow Leaves

The last few days one plants’ leaves have become very yellow. This same plant has produced a lot of bud and is in its 5th week of flower… i did have a little bleaching on the top tip of the bud and i pulled the lights up higher, but it seems as though the yellowing leaves have gotten worse.
The temps have been between 22-26 degree celsius …
I have a 4" carbon fan and a 6" carbon fan vented through 2 1000w lights and 3 oscillating fans…(with air intake and hot air vented out) I![more yellowingleaves|666x500](upload://6hf

wScbmiJazpTevz5PUmAb1o8o.jpeg) am thinking it is nitrogen deficiency but I am not sure and if it is how do I treat that… give the veg food that has high nitrogen?

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Are you giving nutes already?

Yes i have been feeding bloom and calmag every second watering they also had epson salts!!

It appears the leaves on the top are yellowing, is that correct?

If so, my theory is, the leaves are getting less nutrients as the buds are developing. The leaves become more prone to stresses and have a difficult, if not impossible ability to compensate.

This lead to yellow leaves at the top of the plant that can’t compensate to the amount of light you are giving them. Backing off the lights should slow the progression.

Fan leaves near the end of life will just go to heck if you let them dry out. Instead of wilting and recovering after watering, the will wilt and die.

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Is there anything else I can do, i have raised the lights (almost look too far but clearly not!) Should i feed veg food full of nitrogen? epson salts?

Can you fill out a support ticket it’ll give us a baseline of your grow.

  • What strain, Critical Kush and Hash Plant clones from original seed from northern lights
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Pots, 5 gallon
  • PH of Water, Solution, NA
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable NA
  • Indoor
  • Light system 2x 1000watt has
  • Temps; Day 25, Night 22
  • Humidity; Day, Night 50%
  • Ventilation system; Yes, Size 4" vortex inline fan and carbon filter and 4" vortex inline fan with carbon filter tied into lights
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, dehumidifier
  • Co2; Yes, bought one bottle that lasts 2 weeks just ran out and need another… is it worth it?
    Please let me know if i have missed anything.

Get a ph meter and do a slurry test. That’s where I’d start. See where your soil is ph’d at. Maybe you need to flush and start over. Could have nute lockout from ph maybe?


What’s the bloom npk cause it might be nitrogen deficit , maybe even light bleaching since it seems to be center taller branches

Cloth pots drop the temp if roots at least 5 degrees 8 to 10 for most not mention it’s benefits with watering

Smallest pots I have in my tent are 7gall and even those get root bound. There fairly affordable amazon has the for typo $20 for 8 or 10

Looks like Nitrogen Def. And, All pots get root bound no matter what the size.
. It’s not a biggie, especially with cloth pots.

Once your in week 5 of flower the plants starts putting almost all its energy in the flowers, neglecting the leaves, this is normal. I did 7 years of indoors under lots of 600w and this happened every time and my flowers always turned out Awesome. Your spread looks great and you’ve got net support. I’d keep up the Bloom. Def should get a ph meter though, cheap but Essential, also a PPM meter. Your fan systems sounds great.
Last point, rather than 2 x 1000’s u could look at 3 or 4 600’s. Better spread.

15-30-15 thanks for the tips… I’m trying to plan my next grow, with those 2 1000watt lights and the carbon fans that i have, how many should i plan to grow to maximize my yield under the lights I have?

I can dim these to 750 and 600 is the 2x 1000w too much?