Help Please Unpleasent surprise

Got home after hospital stay and found this happening to all three strains to some degree.


I’m pretty much down and out and need help.

Strains: White Widow, Bubblicous and 3rd generation street seed.
Temps are 76-84F.
Soil with lime and perlite.
CO2: 1200-1400 ppm.
1000 watt HPS
PH of nutrients : 6.5, soil unknown.
Plants are 4 weeks into 12/12.

I recently changed from Advanced Nutrients at 50% to General hydroponics to 50-60%0solution. Just for cost and east use.

I would love to here @yoshi Yoshi’s opinion on Advanced Nutrients

I’m going to have to guess it is probably the pH in the soil or a nutrient salt toxicity that might have built up in the soil.


That’s absolutely correct , your PH has swung way Out of range to fast and to long . How are you growing , soil or hydro ? In flower I always ph at 6.2 even soil and don’t raise to 6.5 until the last 2 weeks of flower . Now also the damage leaves will remain damage in flower , and I read somewhere that you don’t have to used CO2 after week 2 in flower . But if you give a good flush , and a regular flower nutrient feeding with 2.5 ml of grow you should be fine . Now what are you specifically wanting to know about Advance Nutrients ?

I would like to mention that 1500 ppm Co2 is Max ppm before application becomes toxic. I see you mentioned you ran Co2 from 1000-1400 ppm. Without proper ventilation; I believe that could be a contributing factor. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

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Yoshi, I know you have switched to Advanced. I changed from that to BioThrive for cost and ease of use. Just the smell alone makes me dislike BioThrive although the results were acceptable. I am simply asking your opinion and justification to go back. Got to keep the banker (wife) happy.

Advance nutrients work , and you can used the hobbyist level additives with any base nutrient I think , well I’ve used B-52 , Voodoo Juice , Overdrive , and Big Bud with ILGM booster nutrients trio and had a very decent yield and awesome flavor and density of buds . I’ve used Humbolt a Golden tree with Advance nutrients and had a decent yield also , and my next grow I planned on using Advance base nutrients with Open Seaseme , Beastie Bloom and Cha-Ching this time , reason being I smoked some bud that was grown with that trio by fox farm and it was really good , very loud smell , and the taste was awesome , almost as good as my own I’ve grown . But in my opinion , if you can afford Advance line it works great but I still had to PH my feeding in flower to 6.2 due to advance being ph perfect . Now advance nutrients will always ph at 5.8 which is great chelation for vegging , but in flower I had to adjust each feeding . But if you read up on advance nutrients and additives , you can pretty much used them singular for what you trying to achieve in your grow , just make sure your N. P. K ratio is within the limits your plants would like and you would be fine . Now MacG taught me something very important . Don’t make to many changes at one time when growing , that way you would get a better idea of what’s working best to increase your yield . The reason is when I used the whole expert line of advance , I also added another LED panel , but by doing that I really don’t know where my increase came from , either from the added lights , or the nutrients . Now this grow I’ll decide what nutrients I’m gone run with and see where my increase came from so I’ll have a better understanding of what helped my yield increase .


Thanks Yoshi, I still use what little advance nutrients I have left for cloning. I’m able to get the 12-17 day shelf-life required compared to General which turns bad after a day.
I fist learned on the advanced line and have recipes I posted in the past. The results ended up fantastic but with the cost of stocking and mixing the 22 different products.
I think I’m going back to that line as soon as my General supply diminishes.

You can get the same results with ILGM trio with Advance Hobbyist level additives and get a yield of at 3-4 ounces from one plant that has very strong intense light , remember light is the key to mass growth . Now I growed my plant inside a 2x2x5 tent with at least rated Led lumens was about 650 pure watts . I have an Advance LED XTE 200 with a China brand that rated at 400 watts in a small tent , so I figure out how to maximize my grow space . But this next grow will tell me more of what made the difference , the added light or the Advance Expert line of nutrients .