HELP PLEASE. Tell what stage I'm in

▸ White widow auto
Start date-11/23-11/30
2 weeks seedling fertilizer

Veg stage start date 12/07
4 weeks grow time

Flower stage begins 01/04
⋇⋇⋇I have followed the feeding schedule… & Everything else to a T
What stage am I in?? It’s not matching up with being only day 45!


Looks like you’re flowering to me! More experience will chime in shortly. But I’ve heard autos do their own thing.


Flowering started long before that, being autos, they started flowering when they felt like it. Your plants look to be in the 3rd or 4th week of flowering.


So if I go with 4 wk I’ll boost at 6&7 wk and hopefully pull end of week8
Do they look okay? Seriously, looking at them, do they look as if they will have any potent at all? I need experience telling what they think by looking at them!! Please and thank you!


They look fine, a bit early to tell on the potency, see what it looks like in a month.


Keep them healthy let those buds fatten up, and they will reward you in the end. Good luck


@Ch_2020 here’s my wwa’s. They broke ground on 11/15 so about a week older than yours. Mine have beefed up a lot over the last 2 weeks or so and I would think yours are going to as well.


OMG I hope so! Last night was the first I gave flowertime. What week are you on? Does mine seem close tomhow yours are doing?

I’d love to compare growth since ours are only a little apart. Zelda broke first! She’s the larger one in front! This is my 2nd time… My first was a bust! No strength all!! Very disappointed but I know it takes time!

Dude, you got this…

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Lady BTW! :slight_smile: If you don’t mind Just post a couple of pics now and then? One more quick question… what week of what stage are your ladies?

Lol sorry, miss dude! I believe mine have 2 weeks or less, I finally got a loupe to check the tricomes, once the lights come on today I’ll have a look. Your on the home stretch but still have some time left. Autos have a mind of their own. You should start reading up on how to harvest and cure as it can make a big difference in the final product

Tonight’s pictures… I’m lost of what week IAM in! Should I start booster For the buds?? I’m running out of room… 39,33,27 is the heights. I thought auto don’t get so tall.
Any advise on the pictures?

You are in flowering stretch. I would think they will stop growing taller soon and start packing on the buds. If your out of height you could always bend the tops down and tie them off. How far from the lights?
You probably want to slow down on the nitrogen and bump up the p,k

so just bending the top over gently will help? hopefully bulk the top up a tad. the tallest is 39in. about 4in from the light! which can not go any further
im using flowezrtime

Yes, you can use wire or string or whatever, just slowly bend and tie it down a bit. Just don’t snap or kink it. You might have to brace it with a tie down in 1 direction about 1/2 way down, then do near the top in the other direction.