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From seed to now a hair over a month. Brown spots?? Just took 13 clone’s 3 days ago then flipped the switch for flower hoping to get a little something out the small box.
Using General Hydroponics nutes 6 ml for a gallon Flora Series, just a hair over half the recommended nutes. Did replace the top light week and a half ago.

plus side lights.
Replaced with![image|375x500](upload://

* List item

) running about 75% for all lights.
Box is L15’ x W 10 x H 35 tiny Don’t Ever use Dealzer they steal people’s hard earned $$$.
Just trying to utilize box. Almost just quit, glad I didn’t. Using 4x2x60 tent with ES 180 V2 Green Sunshine Co. But that’s besides the point.
Humidity around 40% temp around 77 to 81. Uploading pics now.

Do you have use calmag , ec meter ? :fire: ? Nuts ?

You migh be missing some hydroponics main components

PPM going in 950 ish
PH 5.86

Gave a little over 50% Callie Magic by General Hydroponics

Coming out after adding ph water a few times a week around 515