Help Please. Seedlings not doing well


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The scenario. I started seeds in 7 gallon pots because I did not want to transplant shock on autos (first mistake). The potting soil was wet when mixed due to rain, so the soil at the bottom is very moist.

Two of four seedlings germinated. I call these #1 and #2. I germinated two others in paper towel and plated them. I called one #5 and the other #6. #6 came up without its “head” and died.

All of the seedlings did very well at first (pics on grow journal: Beginning the Journey - Advice Welcomed).

I started with one light on and added the second light a few days into the grow. #5 has always been under two lights.

I watered lightly with a spray bottle during germination to keep seeds moist. Because the soil was moist, I did not water other than a very light mist for almost a week. The top soil became very dry (the day after adding the second light and plants were doing well) so I watered about two ounces per plant (the tap water was PHd to 6.5 using Up/Down). Soil tests suggest a PH about 6.7.

#2’s left large leaf drooped a bit the day after the watering. I noticed a slight burnt or dead tip and one of the tiny second set of leaves on #1, but it still looked good overall. At this point I figured it was still too moist didn’t water. Also, I should note that I tested the soil moisture and about two inches down in was slightly dry, but very moist at the bottom still. So, I put large holes in the soil down to the bottom to give them some air and to dry the soil at the bottom.

Nothing happened for another day - all looked exactly as before. Also, #5 was doing great and I did not give it any water as its soil was still moist.

The next day I checked them and #1 had drooped just a little. I felt the leaves and they seemed “thin” or dry (not puffy like when over watered). I tested the soil 2" deep all around #1, #2, and #5. All the readings came up dry. I Also used my finger and it felt dry. So, I misted all of them very lightly (one or two squirts of mist) three times over about eight hours. Nothing changed for another 8 hours.

Today, I look and #2 seems to be drooping slightly more, one of #1’s large fist set of leaves seems to have wilted at the tip and I am guessing will die. #5 appears to be drooping ever so slightly.

Soil Moisture Tests

Will upload pics of plants following this post so they can be enlarged if needed.


These are the seedling pics for #1 and #2



#5 to follow




So i did my usual routine to start my seeds which is put them in a damp paper towel in a ziplock bag and leave in a dark area till they sprout ( I usually let the first white root to grow just a little in the paper towel till i transplant to soil) this works for me 90 % Of time. And worked perfectly fine for my last crops which were seeds from this website. I grew two blueberry, one pineapple haze, and one strawberry kush which turned out my favorite!

These are pictures from that crop a couple weeks
Before harvest.

Anyways my problem is I used the exact same technique with the same seeds soil and everything. Only two seeds took in the soil ( pineapple haze and blueberry which is having its own issues)

So the healthy looking one is the pineapple haze and the little seedling is shocked or something and hasn’t grown in ober a week, that’s where I need your help because I want to save it since my other two seedlings died completely and I’m out of seeds. I took the unhealthy seedling and moved it so it’s not directly under the light because I believe it was getting to hot, i also think I’m might have been over watering. So any input or advice on how to keep the blueberry seedling alive would be much appreciated ‘

Second question is it safe to FIM and low stress train my one healthy plant ( pineapple haze)!which I did with my last crop, the only issue is out of all four plants the pineapple haze was the only plant to hermie out in the last few weeks of flowering. Luckily it wasn’t bad enough to cause the other three plants to be ruined besides the occasional seed here and there. So I’m wondering if fimming my one healthy pineapple haze plant and scrogging it will be okay or if the fimming and scrogging is what caused it to hermie out!?
Thanks for any input this is my first post so I’m hoping for some good advice!!!


To me it looks like ober watering or two much heat! But I’m going through the same struggle as you can see!


Update 10-14-2017

Decided I couldn’t wait. So, I transplanted them all into small pots.

When I did this I discovered two things. Firstly, the 2" soil surrounding the seedlings was very moist. It even stuck together somewhat, which surprised me because when I mixed the soil it was very moist and I added perlite until I couldn’t get it to stick together. Secondly, the bottom and middle to bottom sides were also very moist. It seems to me that this does suggest an over water/under oxygen issue blocking nutrient uptake. Hopefully, they will recover now.

Of course the question I have now is that typically when plants are transplanted they a fair amount of water until their roots are able to grow into the soil. However, water is exactly the issue that caused this problem. So, now when and how much water do I give them?


Have you got holes in your cups? I’m a rookie but over watering early slows them up.


Try to maintain a moisture level that feels wet but doesn’t stick to your fingers for a while. If the moisture level is right the leaves wil not droop at the ends.

Some other causes of drooping are nitrogen toxicity curling which usually ends in a brown leaf tip from nute burn.



Please re-post your support ticket and lets get the following answers:

What kind of soil?
The water you are using comes from where? What is the pH of that water? Are you letting the water sit out to evaporate the chlorine? Those cups you are now in… Do they have drain/ air holes in them? They don’t look like they do.

Spray them with 6.5 ph water and dome them up. keep them warm 75 degrees and cover them with a clear dome like a clear plastic cup or a cutoff water bottle. You don’t need to water the soil yet, just with a spray bottle until they get their next set of leaves!


@bob31 Soil is regular organic potting soil mixed with 25% perlite. Soil Ph was approximately 6.5 when I put it in the pots.
Water is tap water. The water has been treated with Up/Down to get 6.5Ph and it has sat out to evaporate chlorine. No nutes ever.

The picture doesn’t show it for some reason, but there are five larger holes in the base and five larger holes on the side at the base. The sides are riddled with tack size holes.

Temperature is 73 degrees.

I have been watching them closely and they seem to be doing fine. #5 has actually returned to normal shape. No change with #1 and #2, so not getting worse. I have not yet sprayed them or covered them in clear plastic as I want them to continue to dry as much as possible. Tomorrow I will spray them very lightly with mist and mist the inside of a clear dome and cover them.


This method works really well
It helps the “over water” issue. It probably saved all my plants from drowning
These were only in the sole cups 21 days


Yep tack holes need to be bigger @70sChick is on to it. Use a drill or soldering iron to make them a lot bigger.


I used an old Phillips head screwdriver and heated the tip. Fast and easy…


It is morning here, but the tent is just finishing its day. Things are definitely improving :slight_smile: #1 hasn’t changed much, but it just looks a little better. #2 had growth as the second set of leaves is larger. #5 doesn’t appear to have grown (it is a week behind), but it looks nice and healthy. It also had the roughest transplant. And, perhaps it is just my perception, but the red/purple at the stem of the leaves that were on #1 and #2 is just about gone.

I found it interesting you each heated your tool. I did as well, so the holes are a little bigger than tack size. I am guessing the total amount of air available is similar as I must have put 100 holes or more in the cups.

Thanks for all your help and input!!! I am sure I will need it again.


The heat does the work for you and stops the hole making implement from penetrating the growing medium too far and doing damage to the root structure. ( and the hand holding the cup lol). Keep the pics coming, you’ll do fine.


The tack size holes should be the size of the blunt end of the tack instead of the pointy end,


The roots love love love air. The roots don’t like to be/ stay wet. All the extra holes are an easy way to keep the young plants happy and get huge root growth early. Good roots= good tops. Using a heated item also seals the hole to keep it from tearing or running.

Everyone has their on little way of tweekin the holes… You’ll find one that works for you to. Good luck :sunglasses:


I am thinking this grow is going to be a flop. They do not seem to be getting any worse, but no change since last post (maybe slightly lighter green at center). They are now over two weeks old (except #5, about 9 days).

I put them under slightly misted cups and gave them a very light mist at their morning. The soil seemed bone dry about 10 hours later that gave them each two eye dropper drops of water and re-misted the plastic cups, which were almost dry.

All three

Number 1

Number 2 and Number 5 to follow on next post


Number 2

Number 5


Number 2 under the light