Help please - newbie here looking for some advice

I’ve got a really basic question for lights. I am starting a grow in about 2 weeks, setting up my room now. 5x5 space, I will germinate 4 seeds and that will be my experiment grow.

I want to know if I need two separate lights, one to grow and another to flower?

if I can get by with one, mid range quality ( dont need a thousand dollar light rig just yet,for an “experimental grow”, which specific product would you recommend? I see lot of 3k 4k 2x2 4x4 blue red etc etc etc and it gets REALY overwhelming. So a good light product for a small 4 plant grow in a medium 5x5 convertedd closet grow room would be much appreciated !!

Thanks all , happy Monday!

I should mention that my first 20 seeds are autoflower if that makes any sense at all. I’m still learning.

Bill in NC

Hello Bill welcome. This is a good place to start your grow. I can give you my experience with current led grow lighting that will cover your project. Amazon carries this light for just under $500 if you ordered today.
Here’s a review with some nice metrics on the coverage at various heights.

Most led grow lights used today are all in one type that you use throughout the lifecycle. Also adding UVB to help increase trichome production during mid flower is nice.


Look into hlg. Maybe call them and get their recommendations