Help please, looking hungry in fresh ffof soil

11days in ffof soil, hlg 600 45” 280 watts, humidity 60’s, temp 75 ish, small fan over canopy. Watered every 3 days well water 6.5 ph, plants are growing like crazy but leaves are telling me they are hungry, only 11 days in ff soil??

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Do you know your runoff PPM?

no, and i watered yesterday to a lil runoff, i was thinking light stress originally, at 30” and 300 watts, but moved light up to 45” and power down to 250 watts. they are still heavy,

Looks like all my ff plants at this stage. Wouldn’t worry

so no nutes and check runoff ph and ppm tomorrow?

No nutes just water. Looks identical to my plants down to the leathery leaves and all

yesterday was their first water to run off, 1/2 gal per plant

I wouldn’t water till run off you’re leaching nutes. Soil should be good for about 5 weeks

that was my confusion, ok great, ill cut water down, prob a lil shock with the hot soil.

Don’t worry about run off until you been feeding bottle nutes for a while.

kool, thatsvwhat i was planning lol, 2 nd grow, still cant decide of i want to top and bend or just leave them alone.

IMHO, this one looks like she may need a little magnesium. If your ph is on, you may want to add some Epsom salts for mag, or start cal mag. Happy growing :v::green_heart:


tsp per gallon? wont hurt the others?

Yes, 1 tsp/gallon, with every watering. You can give it to her only or all the girls. I give a total of 3tsp/week of epsom salts. :v::green_heart:

Kool, thank you, I have all the fox farms nutes ready but no cal mag, I’ll just use epson salts

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That is what I was thinking too. Glad you confirmed that.

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@GreenJewels has you set. When you were jamming on that light probably kicked the plants in the pants pretty well, ffof won’t keep up. Get them dialed in and start working your light back down to that 30" or so range and they should take off again. You have big light, will work plants hard so try to keep up with them.

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i have the light at 45”. 300 watts, with 6 plants im a need the 5x5 coverage , should i leave it at 45” and over time work it up?

I wouldn’t run any higher than 36".

ok, thanks, ill reset and turn power down a bit

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