Help please leaves are wrinkled

a few of my seedlings look like this any one know why

seeds are
white widow
from ILTGM
soil is a custom blend of worm castings dairy Doo veggie Doo and rice hulls they are 21days old grown under t5 LEDs 17 7

any help would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance


I don’t remember seeing this on the chart. Cant help you but will be watching to see the answer

My guess is genetic flaw but I’m a total noob at this so I’ll stay tuned

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Can u do a slurry or get runoff ph and ppms

How much and how often are you watering?
Overwatering and high humidity can cause this.
I find rice hulls dont work nearly as well as perlite to loosen soil. That may be contributing too.

From another website…


Overwatering will literally drown your plant’s roots. Excess water will not only rinse most of the beneficial microbes from the medium, a sodden substrate can also become colonised by algae and nasty fungi. Persistent overwatering invariably invites the parasitic Pythium, better known as root rot. Cannabis plants with droopy, claw-like leaves could be trying to tell you they are waterlogged.


Thanks for that as I did not know, so if and when I see crinkle up leaves that can be a sign of overwatering. Good to know

So op should let them dry out for a while and watch for change (hopefully for the better)?

Watch how the new growth looks. The damaged leaves probably wont heal.

Got a gorilla glue doin the same. 2 from 10 did this. All others fine. Send pic when I get home. Thought maybe tobacco mosaic disease???

Freaking pot plants, they withstand all the abuse we give them and still they grow


Looks like dry period , small container

Here she is in all her wrinklyness

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That IS trippy but I wouldn’t worry too much if: The plant is growing/If it keeps a natural “green” color to it/ and no other problems exists…Look sometimes genetics and environment have a lot to do with the early stages of plant growth but often time…Time will cure most ailments…of course it all depends on the “ailments”…

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My Banana Kush leaves look like that too! I think it may be strain/ genetics related? Who knows?

That always makes me feel dry , is the soil moist or wet ?