HELP please.. Leaf curling, Leaf damage, and have killed a few gnats


Im on day 18 of my first grow and have noticed a couple of my plants have some leaves curling, and some leaf damage. Is there anything that stands out in the pics or a reason for the curl?


I’m betting on ph swing. Looks like my plants after a swing a some super cropping.


sounds possible I transplanted to big pots 4 days ago and the original soil was right a 6.5. didn’t measure the soil I had to add. Guess I should just give it a few more days??


As long as it doesn’t worsen you should be ok. If spots start to get bigger and turn dark brown that could be a calmag issue.


ok… hoping for green the whole way through this adventure!!


I get that look in my plants all the time , it’s not a big problem but if left untreated can be. It’s seems to be ridding the fence as mine do most of the time. Keep an eye on it for a few days just to be safe, but I’m betting it’s :ok_hand:.