Help please i've messed up

Just run lights at night then. But doing this make sure lights are going to be on for a few hours when you can take care of them.
I personally thing your overthinking the whole thing. If the grow is behind a wall just do as stated above and make sure cracks are covered so the light doesnt penetrate. Being a covert grow I would think this to be the number 1 thing on the list regardless is to make sure there is no light penetrating. And number 2 would be sound deadening so someone cant hear any fans or equipment from the hidden room.

I hear you brother but he was meant to be done by today. If it’s gonna be Monday or Tuesday I’ll switch to night lighting. Light leaks aren’t an issue unless someone needs to go in cellar as another door at top. You can’t see light from top just if you were feet away. The light was off so probably didn’t see anything so it’s the girls light depravity that worries me. We’re at 52 hour of dark. Possibly another 5 hours before can start new light cycle.

Everything is off and doesn’t smell (to me)

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Oh was someone being nasty or me. Why be nasty to a valid worry where all measures were nearly all taken care of. After covid getting workmen is hard. i had hours notice as someone else sorted it for me. I could have done a lot of " intelligent" things in preparation. Sorry pal I obviously sound stupid I must have mis/dis informed you

Im with @TReynolds17 and @BetrayedSoul on this one. Just run lights at night if its going to be a prolonged thing. Some places have cheaper power in the evening hours anyway.

Also as the Kind Soul said… ur slightly overworrying. An ounce of prevention is worth a gallon of fix it? Some zen mess like that. When growing in closets and covertly, u ALWAYS want to check ur light leaks and possible need to go gorilla mode! I mean lights on at night all closed down. Getting in there with lights out and closed up and an outside life on…

Pretty sure they arent very happy approaching 3 days no lights when now the demand to use it is through the roof….

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Haha probably shoulda read this before i posted. Read that message above with less sarcasm more future tips lol

I know thanks everybody. My decision is , as the grabbing so n so wants to come Monday, is as soon as gas man has been and he buggers off I am gonna put em on. Let’s say 6 pm till 6am.
Wednesday night at ten when they should have gone off they stayed on till I noticed about 10 am (24hr) when lights would come on again. They have been off since.
So: 24hoir light then 56 off then back on.
Was 10am-10pm
Now 6pm-6am.
I think that’s best. I just can’t wait all day to go in and it less working hours but rather keep em off till tomorrow morning (another18hoirs)keeping their 10-10 schedule I’m gonna change to 6-6am. They are starting flush (younger ones in there) soon. They are the best I’ve grown I will be devastated if anything happens. I have 3 that are starting to flower and I’m praying they are strawberry kush,. I don’t know because I took cuttings from different strains at the same time to a friend who vegged em , had landlord trouble so I have them back

I wasn’t worried about the workman you obviously didn’t/mis/can’t read the o.p. thanks for tour valuable input. Wish it hadn’t been edited, I could react appropriately