Help please! Is my plant going to grow any more

I know I asked you guys about lighting before but I was wondering what everybody think about ES 180 led lights?

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they make some nice lights but check out horticulture lighting group and the quantum board kits. that’s what most folks have converted to. i have the ES-300. it’s a great light but also too expensive. HLG has some great lights that are cheaper. i picked one up for my second tent and it is bright as blazes

Thanks going to look rite now

@KinSEDC since u have both which do you prefer? An which one preforms better?

i don’t really know but moving forward i’ll likely stick with HLG due to the cost. i knew i needed a good light and i knew the ES was good and it was on sale so i grabbed it and have zero regrets. now with a little more time and knowledge seems the HLG is better bang for the buck.

@dbrn32, have you ever done a spec head to head comparison with the electric skies and HLG?

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Nope. Just comparing cost to third party test data.

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what did that third party data tell you though? i don’t know how to read any of this stuff.

More par per watt on qb’s and they are cheaper.

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BOOM. tx.

also, the equivalent QB to the ES-300 has 20 more watts FWIW. and actually @bellabstar … if you’re looking at the 180, the 260W is that equivalent, so even more bang for your buck.

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FYI they got a 10% off sale right now

@KinSEDC sorry which place has the 10% off thanks

HLG- just go to their site you’ll see it

@KinSEDC thanks do they come Assembled already I’m not good at putting things together lol

you can buy them preassembled at growerslights dot com but at least watch the video. i was scared of it too but it was really easy and took about a half an hour. all you need is a wire stripper and a screw driver for a few turns. if you’ve ever assembled Ikea stuff, this is easier.

@KinSEDC that’s funny u say that I just put together an ikea bunk bed for my granddaughters man that was a pain in the butt never again I would have paid somebody to put that together for me it was ruff I was sweating an stuff :joy: here is a pic from today do everything look ok I notice a few leaves r curling

pic didn’t post. make sure you give it enough time to fully upload.

a bunkbed is WAY WAY harder than this light. i promise!

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@Killadruid @MrPeat @KinSEDC @Myfriendis410 @Familyman @Bobbydigital @Axemanjake23 @LoCoRock sorry guys just wanted to get everybody’s attention sorry if I forgot anybody here is pics from today I noticed a few leaves are curling is everything OK? image image


@bellabstar Leaves will curl so what you have I don’t see a problem. Now if the leaf was in a taco shape, then that is a cause for concern.

My leaves curl when I don’t water them. Soon as they fed, they will uncurl. Usually when the grow lights are on.

But your picture shows healthy and happy little girls.


looks pretty good. could be a little light or heat stress. it also helps when you tag folks if you could recap your growing conditions. when we get chit chatty your original info gets buried above- makes it easier for folks to jump in and and help.

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Looks okay to me.

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