Help please! Is my plant going to grow any more

I guess it depends on your wallet honestly. I mean I just grow for fun and for a bit of smoke, maybe give some to my friends as a gift. Even still I figured I’d spend the money now. I bought a 1600 dollar Canadian fixture, no issues, does like it says on the box, but if I had to do it over I’d build one as good for a lot less money. There is a guy that does builds and has videos showing the steps to complete them, really not that difficult. Kinda looks fun actually.

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You’ll want to get that light really close to try and stop that stretch. She’s wasting a lot of energy building stem to reach the light that could be used to build leaves. How far away is the light right now?

@Bobbydigital not sure it was pretty close than I moved it thinking it was to to close didn’t want her to get burnt I moved it back closer now I’m buying me a tape Measure tomorrow so things can be spot on with things I would to do like 4 plants at a time probably no more than that after I learn the in an outs what do u recommend for tent size I would like to go only about five five an half feet tall no taller it can be shorter I’m going to order in the morning an return this one if I can’t return it what would this tent be good for if anything it’s 24x24x36 thanks


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That 36” is pushing it especially when you consider pot hight (plus you want the pot off the ground a little bit for air flow) and light hanging distance. My first grow was in a 24x24x48. It worked out fine but had to scrog to keep plant height down. The light was 13” above the canopy so without that extra 12” height, the light would have been 1” from the canopy and the plants woulda burned.

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4 plants can be run in a 3x3 or 4x4 I’d go 4x4x6.5 ft tall would be perfect for u plenty of room for pots lights ventilation then u would need 2 260w xl kits which would be perfect to flower 4 even 5 plants. Then I’d but a trellis net and scrog it and maximize it yield

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Whoa, whoa whoa…slow down Killa… your blowing her mind Gromie! LMAO…

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@bellabstar I don’t think you answered my question before or maybe you didn’t pick up on it. But don’t feed that little seedling nutes all ready especially since you have her in ffof soil. You’ll be good for a while with no nutes. Saturating her with fertilizer right now is not necessary and that soil has plenty of yummy food for her out of the gate.

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@bobbydigital thanks appreciate it

@LoCoRock I don’t think I seen ur question sorry haven’t been feeling to well lately besides just getting over a very bad case of pneumonia and sepsis I think I hit a patch of depression my ex left me after 7 years sorry guys just need to vent that :disappointed: I just want to let u guys know y’all are great and a great support System rite now in my life only thing that seem to help me stay focused is learning all that I can about growing an watching her grow little by little makes my day thanks to everybody I really do appreciate everything

Well I can tell you this - growing Mary Jane is the best therapy in the world. Time in the room talking to the girls and helping them live is some type of motivation. Sorry to hear about the break-up, I don’t know your age and situation but I DO know that you will come out on top. Everything has a meaning behind it. I wish you the best and you can vent all you want on here. Get stoned, hydrate, munch & talk all ya need. LoL you’ll be fine!!!


@LoCoRock Thanks she in a 32 ounce cup I only have 5 gallon grow bags when should I put her in there

I’d say now or by the weekend due to her lankyness. You’d hate for her to bend over and snap at this stage. I still haven’t really gotten away from them growing tall like that at seedling stage no matter how I put the light. LoL
Make sure you bury her to about an inch below her cotyledons. It will not hurt her what so ever and all that stem will become rooted. Just be super careful she is a fragile little flower. 5 gallon cloth pots are great, are you using happy frog or ocean? You won’t have to feed for about a month but you’ll know from your ppm runoff values. Good luck hope all is well and your recovering from the pneumonia. Remember, get nice and baked and find yourself a new man this weekend. I joke but half meaningful. LoL

@LoCoRock thanks I really appreciate u u put a smile on my face this morning I don’t smoke anymore maybe I’ll try it to relieve stress I tried it before I got so paranoid :rofl: when I was on the west coast I use to get the pens I really like them no problems is there something that don’t make u paranoid I only have ffof wasn’t able to get happy frog here is a pic from today

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Help guys I went to transplant her my nerves been so bad an stressed out I went to take her out the cup when I Tipped her upside down to get her out it all started falling apart and I dropped her will she be OK

she should be fine. i transplanted a few of mine too early so everything fell apart as well and they’re doing just fine in their new homes. just be careful you don’t overwater since this is a baby in a big pot. i water just a little in a circle around the plant.

also make sure you don’t feed them! you’re in a hot soil.

i don’t smoke all that much either but growing has been a total surprise therapy for me. there’s some heartbreak along the way but the only cure is to grow more plants :slight_smile:

@KinSEDC thanks I appreciate everything I don’t smoke or sell idk if this sounds weird or not but growing for me i get really excited can’t wait to see new leaves it’s like my days consumed with it I do a lot of reading about different strains all kinda stuff it’s been helping me stay busy an my mind off other things an I think I did what u said be careful not to do I think I really over watered her sucks :pensive: I get a lil to excited I checked out other forums before I found this one this one is the best haven’t been on any other since an it seems like everybody on here is very passionate about growing an learning an everybody is so respectful an helpful to each other thanks again

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believe me, i get it. i can stare at them ALL day. i tried a regular garden outside for similar reasons but managed to kill everything within a month. seeing something thrive is so amazing and they go through so many different stages, each one is a challenge. being on here and reading and learning new things also brings it’s own rewards. overwatering is 100% the most common problem everyone has, so don’t feel bad. and should the worst happen, just know you can start again. my first grow, i thought i would DIE if i lost a single plant. this second round i’m so much more relaxed and enjoying trying different things. it also helps that i have more plants this time :slight_smile:

and this really is a great space. not only is everyone respectful and helpful, it’s also nice to check in with your new fam when you’re feeling a little lonely :wink:


@KinSEDC :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

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Hey guys anybody up?