Help please! Is my plant going to grow any more

Thanks I really appreciate y’all u guys u guys r the best :heart:

Who recommended miracle grow soil?

You can certainly grow in it, but brings a lot of issues that most beginners aren’t usually prepared to handle.


Be aware of male and female pre flowers its growing tall and lanky (Male like ) not much side growth for its height not a sure sign but just be aware of what to look for I don’t know if you k n.y is but females grow buds males pollinate the them but don’t grow buds males pollinating female buds makes seedy weed and robs plants power and potency and diverts energy to seed making so pull males ilunless u want seeds… if it’s your only plant keep your fingers crossed

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Thanks so much I love u guys I really appreciate y’all it’s my only plant fingers crossed my next grow I planned on buying auto from ILGM maybe that will be easier until I get the hang of it

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There are growers that use and swear by MG products but you have to be on your game to use them well. They are harsh chemical fertilizers that do okay on tomatoes but fall flat on cannabis. In particular; cannabis likes a faintly acidic soil and MG typically drops you down a couple of magnitudes lower (in the 4’s) instead of being in the sweet spot 6.3 to 6.8. This causes a ton of issues; particularly late in flower when PH wants to drop anyway.

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Thanks I’m going to transplanted into a 5 gallon grow bag what do u recommend

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I prefer the lighter colored ones but you can choose whatever suits you. They are reusable and the ones I buy come from my local supplier. They really are great to work with.

What kinda of soil do u guys recommend

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Fox Farms tends to dominate; it’s good soil and is pretty well designed for cannabis.

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Thanks! :heart: Is there a difference between the 2

The ocean forest is heavier on the nutrients so you could transplant into it and just water for 4-5 weeks

Sorry for so many questions is there anything I need to add to the soil when I Transplant

Mykos and azos are excellent for preventing transplant shock.


Ask hydro store for a shock prevention sample theres plenty of all in one liquids that do the same thing it’s just humic acid mycrozae and beneficial bacteria …microbe life foliar spray and root dip look into it great priduct about 20bucks a great for cloning in seedlings and transplanting

I think I transplanted my plant too late had trouble getting the soil can u guys tell me if something is wrong with it I know the lower leaves isn’t getting much light I’m using foxfarm happy frog soil calmag an foxfarm big bloom an grow big here is sum pics from today


Here is sum more pics help please :joy:

Looks like a bit of nute spash, also the first fingered leaves do die off sometimes or look that way, if your new growth looks good all is ok. I always get a few leaves that go sooner than later :+1::kangaroo:
The end of the leaf may have been touching the medium early in the grow.


K thanks appreciate it

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Just keep your eye on the new growth mate, if it does not look right you know were to come :+1:

What’s the new growth mate I’m new to this sorry

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