Help please im lost with what to do how to do and don’t wanna lose my plant

I have a plant my friend gave me I’m not sure about anything pertaining to the strain or anything like that it’s a outdoor plant gets good air and lights it’s in a Basic as soil I think from Walmart. The temp is anywhere from 80F in the day and lowest is 30F at night. I spritz it once a week with a peroxide water mix and just started using a ratio epsom salt and water to spritz can you please tell me what stage it’s in and how do I stop these yellow spots on leaves?

How many hours of light are they getting at the moment?
The second picture looks like it’s flowering…

Yes it’s flowering and it’s outside so about 12 hrs of light? How do I handle the yellow spots what’s causing it is it the soil

You need to make sure youre not using miracle grow soil or anything that has time release nutes. And 2nd are you adding any nutes or ph’ing the water? And it’s dropping down to 30 degrees at night that is very cold I would take it inside and put it in a dark room

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Are you still there

Yes. But for the follow up to your question, somebody else will have to chime in because I’m not really proficient with deficiencies and I would not want to make your plants worse! But if I have any info that could help you, I’ll pass it along!

Thank you so much

Yes it’s flowering.

Do you know what type of soil it’s in?
I don’t suspect it’s in MG time rlease because of its color and there is no clawing.

Why are you spraying it with peroxide?
This could be causing the spotting, it also is likey to be calcium deficiency by the way it look but the plant is so small that if the soil had a decent base I don’t see why it would be lacking.

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OK This should help you out…BY ROBERT BERGMAN

Leaf septoria or yellow leaf spot is caused by Septoria cannabis and S. neocannabia, both of which are fungal pathogens, targeting cannabis in particular. It occurs on outdoor grown marijuana, triggered by warm weather and rain. It can also appear in plants lacking sufficient nitrogen. Yellow leaf spot will first appear on the lower leaves of the marijuana plant. The spots can range in color from white to grayish brown to yellow, first appearing as small round lesions. As yellow leaf spot matures, it takes on a pimple-like appearance, expanding in size.

Yellow leaf spot will damage the leaves and sometimes the stems of your cannabis plants, but will not kill the crop. However, if left untreated it will reduce yield. Infected leaves dry at the site of the spot, eventually crumbling and creating a hole where the spot began. Heavily infected leaves will turn completely yellow, dry up and drop off. If the fallen leaves are not removed, you have just created a landing ground for spores to overwinter. This means they lay low until warmer weather arrives which is when they do their damage. Yellow leaf spot spores rely on the wind, water and hitchhiking onto passersby for their travels.

Yellow leaf spot can be prevented from attacking your cannabis garden through crop rotation. This means choosing a different planting site after each harvest. If this is not possible, then once you have harvested a marijuana crop completely remove any evidence of the previous vegetation and till the soil well, removing all debris. Prepare the site with sterilized compost and work into the soil. This should provide enough nitrogen to give the new crop a healthy starting ground. In the event you have no available compost (every gardener should get into the habit of creating a compost pile) then add blood meal, fish meal or soybean meal to the existing dirt. This will provide the nitrogen needed for your cannabis. Be sure to sterilize all gardening tools with peroxide or rubbing alcohol before storing.

Another option when starting a new marijuana bed is to apply a fungicide to the planting site before adding seed or seedlings. There are various natural solutions you can either make yourself, or buy already mixed. Adding beneficial bacteria, such as Bacillus Pumilis or beneficial fungi such as Trichoderma will benefit the soil if you have no compost to incorporate. You can also spray the area with essential oil mixtures containing cinnamon, clove, coriander, neem, or sesame. Spraying the soil with compost tea or a baking soda solution can help to prevent yellow leaf spot spores from settling in the area.

Water your cannabis plants in the early morning or early evening. Water the soil, not the leaves. In so doing, the sun’s rays won’t burn the leaves. This practice should be adhered to no matter what you are growing.

In between harvests, if yellow leaf spots find your marijuana patch, the fungus can be controlled in several ways:
•Physically remove all affected leaves and destroy them. Do not add any diseased plant material to the compost pile.
•Spray the affected areas with a mild solution of ½ teaspoon baking soda per gallon of water. Do this in the early morning or in the evening so the leaves dry before the sun heats the day.
•Apply a Bordeaux mixture to discourage the disease from spreading.
•Spray the plants with a neem oil solution in the early morning or evening to avoid the sun burning the plant leaves.
•Use something like Marijuana Booster to avoid nitrogen deficiencies.
Robert Bergman

No it’s not miracle grow. and nutes or ph’ing what’s that?

So by nutes its just a lazy way of saying nutrients aka food for the plants and there is a ph range you have to make your water so it can absorb the nutrients. To high/low your plants cant absorb all the nutrients causing it to not grow properly and possibly die

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What’s the ph range? And the nutrients if u don’t mind me asking Hydrogen peroxide is beneficial as an addition to nutrient feeding programs at all times. It feeds the good aerobic bacteria and kills the bad anaerobic bacteria. It also introduces radical oxygen atoms which oxidize elements, making them more available for the roots to assimilate. I apply 3% H2O2 at a rate of 30ml/gallon to the reservoir. The plants show no visible signs of stress afterwards, which indicates that it was not an excessive application.

Personally I don’t know much about using the peroxide ive never done it but a lot of new people use fox farm trio pack or GH flora series. The ph scale for soil is like 6.3-6.8 optimal being 6.5 so you will need a decent PH meter - TDS meter. TDS meaning total dissolved solids its measured in parts per million letting you know the accurate range of nutrients

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Should I cut off the affected leaves?

you could. Have you started bringing in the plant at night to escape the cold? Think you’ll try picking up growing for a hobby or just a one and done thing?

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Yes I have I started that night and today I went and got a plant light bulb just to make it all a indoor plant. And this is the soil I use

and the light is

That light isn’t suitable for what you’re trying to do.

Do you have more seeds, or do you have money to buy more? Can you spend more money on lighting, and if so how much?

Yes and how many more do I need

I just need a little more info.

Lighting needs are relative to your specific set up. There are certain non light based techniques and technology to increase overall ppfd to your plant. Also size of final plant and amount you would like to harvest. I’m exclusively indoors and although my set up isn’t perfect and has many places to improve although I spent close to 1k for a 4x4 tent, cheap LED grow light from china(don’t recommend doing this unless you can not afford a nicer one), 4” duct fan. The tent is made of a more reflective material allowing for more light without another fixture. You can replicate this for cheap by lining the area with a metallic substance or a white reflective plastics. If you’re only growing a single plant I would suggest buying a single 50W cob led and maybe line the surrounding walls in some thin metal like aluminum would get you something decent for a single plant. The one you bought will not be strong enough to flower a plant. You must remember that buds being flowers are similar to fruit in that they require a ton of energy to produce them. If a plant does not receive enough light it will produce small airy buds if any at all. I’d recommend watching some YT full series. I like fromseedtostoned, very informative and full grow series making it easy to follow along