Help please idk what's wrong


Great News. They definitely look perkier. It feels good doesn’t it!


It does. I left the damn lights off 12 hours my alarm didn’t wake me up. Hopefully that won’t hurt them.


Man all the money you spend on seeds soil lights electricity WEED ect and you don’t have a little 9$ timer… Next purchase needs to go on hold and that’s what you need next no doubt about that …m in flower u do that mistake enough ul hermi. Ur plants


And what’s up with the wine glasses lol


@Clittle25 dont fret the critic. Your plants will be fine. Here’s an option for a timer - go digital, the mechanical ones can slip over time.

Etekcity Light Timer Outlet,…


I’ll get the timer for sure I have 2 green crack seeds starting in them they sprouted yesterday.


I didn’t get a timer for a while I started 24/0 so I didn’t need but I read about dark periods and roots and wanted to give some dark I set my phone alarm but found my self not home every single lights on or off its just a hassle free headache saver definitely one of the most important and cheapest devices you will need through ur growing


chill brogan hes gonna hear it, just give him a minute


@Clittle25 lol whats the deal with the wine glasses?


I bought two timers and I got 2 seeds sprouting in the wine glasses.


isnt it best to germinate in the dark?


I think of it like mother nature. Once the seed cracks and I put it in my cubes or you put it in dirt it should have light. It would start growing in nature from the heat of the sun and grow towards the light.


They’ve sprouted and are doing excellent


Congrats @Clittle25. Looking forward to a successful grow for you. Keep the pics coming


I ordered the timer but it’s not in yet my lights were off 16 hours if I get back on track will I be ok?


They will be OK. If it make it easier, just keep them on 24/0 until the timer gets in.


Just be careful. :grinning: Too many more of these mistakes will cause your plant to hermie. Every time they’re in the dark for longer than 12-14 hours, they start pumping out different hormones, signaling your plant that it’s flower time. You’re going to start confusing your plants, soon.

Photoperiod plants are extremely sensitive to changes in their light cycle.

I agree with Sixpackdad.


Got the timers a week ago and I gotta say it was an excellent buy.


How long should I stay in veg in a 7 gallon pot? Or how long would y’all stay


I stay on 24/0 for two weeks from when they come out of the ground, then four weeks at 18/6, and then to 12/12 for flowering.