Help please! Happened after a freeze

Followed instructions for past several months… this happened after several cold nights. Plant was brought inside garage at night.


Is that webbing on the bud? I’m not real familiar with spider mites but that might be the problem. I will tag someone for you. @Lacewing @kellydans @MrPeat @Pet_de_Chien can y’all give some insight on this?


Unfortunately it looks like it has bud rot and is not safe to smoke. The buds that look ok, I would inspect those closely to make sure there is none inside.


Sorry that’s 100% Bud rot.


Yeah, its been said. It looks like a little of bad (spidermites) and worse (bud rot).

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Looks like major bud rot. :pensive::pensive::pensive:

I’ve read about bud rot / gray mold… the plant doesn’t fit the description of wet, wilting. It feels dry on the brown “clump” several others are still green.

No it isn’t bud rot, no it isn’t webbing it’s actually seeds from the field weeds.

You my friend have experienced your first case of frost bite!

The plant is done once frost kills the tops so you can pull it and dry. The dried brown frostbitten parts will be harsh and I would discard those parts.

I always pull mine once I see nightime temps are gonna be below 38 degrees as they instantly turn brown once the frost hits. Next year put you a heater in the garage or plant your plants earlier.

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