Help please guys

Ok it’s only 3ft high so if I freeze a bottle or two of water that should cool it?

You will need stay a couple 2 L jugs frozen. My sister saw a video one time where the person took a box and had two holes. One so the far could blow air into it and the other hole was so that cooler air can blow out. It did help a little. She did this till see got a window ac.

I just don’t know if it will help with the heat coming off the grow lights.

I put a small fan on top of my HLG light where it blows the hot air coming off the Meanwell Driver. As heat rises, this does help cool down the top.

Its all about cooling the room down since the tent temps will also come down. :+1::+1::+1:

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That’s brilliant I’ll monitor it I have just frozen a 2l bottle of water will it not be obvious with an ac unit

When you get a window ac, it will keep the temps in check.

Here is a week from my temp and humidity contraption.

Not wanting to hijack the topic, but you can see when the AC is on and when its off.

Ok gonna post two pics would either of these do if so which one

Will either of the portable Aircon units work

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Post pictures

Portable AC units put off a lot of heat. I have one and gave up on it due to it making the house past 90 degrees inside and the grow room was hitting almost 100 degrees.


So basically just monitor it and try and keep it as low as possible

Those cold water type air conditioners will work somewhat but really there is no rush. Your little sprouts are not stressed by heat and humidity right now.

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a lot of good info here, everyone to the rescue!! :stuck_out_tongue: …they make chill packs you can wrap around your pots but ultimately youre fighting the same battle in maintaining temps, AC is the way to go…or a deep dark basement where gram gram keeps the canned goods.

Thank you buddy

You have a fan removing air from top of tent and a vent open at bottom bringing cooler air in? If not, you should try something like this. Also need to remember tent won’t cool anymore than air temp you’re bringing in, like the others said.

Currently have a frozen bottle of water in fan maybe I need to turn it around but both vents are open

Can look up ventless mini splits or ventless ac units.

Portable ac units are supposed to have an exhaust hose to outside. Without one ofc it was useless. If you can get your hands on it cheap/easy/local. You could use dry ice which instead of increasing humidity like regular ice, will instead increase co2 levels. If you know someone in a meat processing plant or an ice cream man with the hook up.

Thanks mark will try that option

Maybe no concern for you but I would watch info givien on your screen shots.

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