Help please guys

Guys help please my tent temperature is sitting at 29.2 how can I bring this down humidity on the other had is perfect

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This is normally accomplished by increasing airflow into, and out of, the tent.

29.2C is okay for cannabis, but I wouldn’t let it get much hotter.


Thanks Midwest guy that advice is greatly appreciated it’s been sat at that for last two hours so not sure if it will continue to rise though I do have a fan in it now

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You need several fans. I put one in each corner (clip fans) to are pointing in the same direction (ie clockwise) second pointing at the lights, third pointing on the base of the pots. Humidity will always rise right after watering. If your’e in soil, make sure there is not any standing water in the saucers or basins.

I also have a larger fans on the outside of the tent blowing in and one on the opposite side , inside closing out.


My tent is not big enough to have several fans currently until my new one arrives next week

If the fans don’t move air out of the tent, how will they decrease temperature inside the tent?


Let’s see your setup. You can either create low pressure to draw air out or create high pressure to push air out. With some creativity you will be able to move air in whatever size tent used. Of course the lung room will need to be tempered also.


How do I post a pic herePreformatted text ![IMG_20210610_163941|375x500](upload://gniDveCxHqdf3K4i07PaAXwcs0D.jpeg)

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Its easier to cool the room down than the tent. If you bring the temps down via a window ac, the tent temps will also come down. :+1::+1::+1:

I have my window open right now I guess I’m just gonna have to be careful till I get a new tent​:joy::joy:

Window is open heating is off

Yes there we go

This is the current reading I shal take another pic and post in around 20 minutes

That won’t cool the room as its hot outside so all you are getting is warm air. I tried that in South Texas and I was forced to buy a window ac…just a 5k BTU one and its more than enough for cooling the room down.

I have mine set up around 7pm lights on and lights off at 7am.

Damn any temporary solutions till I get new tent and an ac

A poor man way you can try a big fan with ice in front. It does help but a real pain in the rear.