Help please guys will she be ok

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Good for you and the other few people that do. Regardless of your success….miracle grow still considered non marijuana friendly soil. Doing it the hard way because you choose to doesn’t change the facts or make you exceptional….it just makes you stubborn at best. Good luck and happy growing.

Never thought I was exceptional . Just saying what I use and I’ve had good success. No big deal.

They look great banjo are they photo am doing auto here

Northern Lights

Nice blueberry her day 25 height of 19cm going nicely

I’m outta likes but some growers here have great results with Miracle Grow. Me not so much. If it’s workin for you that’s awesome and your girls look great to me! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:
sorry I replied to the wrong person

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I’m at day 94. I grew blueberry inside and outside last season. inside and outside,inside did much better.

I’m doing autoflower for myself

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Well guys I have some unfortunate new… I’ve fried my lhoney drilling it in toiletc so gonna be borrowing the Mrs for now

Fried my phone dropping in toilet​:grin::grin:

Well… if you dropped the phone in toilet, and dropped something else?? Yeah F that phone

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Exactly my point brother

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Day 32 she seems I be changing more and more think she may be going into flower