Help please guys will she be ok

Bro plz see if u can help is it normal for her leaves to droop slightly when it’s lights out??

Day 24 at lights on my tent is absolutely stinking to high heavens now leaves obviously will perk back up now light is on

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Yes it’s normal

Thank you brother

Yes normal for the droop sometimes it happens before feed sometimes afyer they also get on a set schedule and ull notice everyday before bed they start to droop. They had their share for the dau and are ready for sleep basically. Lol. Just like u and me. We get all drained and droopy when se get tires being in the sun all day long same for plants basically

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I remember trying to explain our plants drooping before bedtime to my wife. I told her they was ready for bedtime. She looked at me like I was nutz!!! Then I told her to watch them the next couple days a couple hrs before lights out. She then understood and thought it was pretty cool that the plants was ready to “sleep” lol

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@Dclark this is in no way an insult. But I think your going to need to smoke a little more :joy:. The most common thing I see people messing up is panicking every time they’re plants anything.

I don’t think there are too many situations that become emergent too quickly. Often people struggle because they are too hands on, or overreact to little things.

Your girl looks good. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The little practices you’ll get quite soon. And read the journals. We’re all here to help

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@Underthestairs said it well don’t love them to death I suggest you fill out a support ticket so it’s a little easier to help your going to need to add nutes at some point and a support ticket will help relax and keep on going OH and I agree with @oldmarine it does look like a mop bucket

Rest assured it’s not lol :joy::rofl:

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What kind of soil are you using? It looks to be devoid of perlite. If soil doesn’t have proper amount of perlite it won’t drain properly. If it doesn’t drain properly soil becomes compacted which makes for difficulty in root movement as well as suffocates the air roots. Compacted soil takes longer to dry out increasing your risk to molds and bacteria infecting your soil, and or roots (root rot) Most people here will tell you to use none or very little (depending on soil used) nutes for seedlings. If you must give them nutes, start with a 1/2 or even 1/4 dose and monitor the results, if no nute burn or issues increase by small increment until full nute or burn occurs. You are ph-ing everything liquid you put into the soil yeah?

That’s what I’ve been doing bro she has plenty of drainage it regular potting soil

What is Regular potting soil? Miracle grow soil is considered regular potting soil but it is NOT marijuana friendly. Not saying you are using it just saying it’s regular potting soil. I’m asking what soil your using for a reason. If you have bad drainage your plant will get all droopy when you water her.
I use Fox Farm potting soil and it still needs perlite added to it for proper drainage. You can see by comparison in this pic

There is practically zero perlite in your soil. You can put 1000 drainage holes in the bottom of your bucket and still not have sufficient drainage.
Given the info you provided, this is the best suggestion I have. I’m not the most experienced hand but, I do read a lot.
Hope you figure it out

Growmoor all purpose as I’ve done it on a budget

Surely she hasn’t started to flower overnight she’s only 26 days old

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@Dclark Looks like new veg growth to me.
I’m not seeing any pistils yet.

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Yay that’s ok then


@Oldguy has your back thanks for the tag. Set to watching and Happy Growin :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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I’ve used a mix of Miracle Grow and a cheap potting soil. Also use Tiger Bloom. They seem to grow fine for me

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Nice looking plants bro