Help please guys will she be ok

Help please guys soil was dry done nutes at quarter strength due to first time gave around 250ml water an hour later she’s like this it’s about will she bounce back if I don’t feed now or do I need to start a fresh​:rage::rage::sob:

What specifically are you worried about? Is it drooping?

It’s not uncommon for younger plants to pout after watering. It’s rarely a problem and should bounce back within 12 hours.

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Thanks Midwest it’s the drooping that worries me as was hour after feeding with nutes for first time

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She will be fine. Give it a few hours.

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Thanks brother

My current grow is about done flowering. Before flowering she would droop terribly after each watering/feeding.

She looks too young to be feeding her. What soil are you in?

All mix potting compost

As an aside - you will want to add more soil to that pot as she grows and gets taller. It’s best to fill up a pot to within a few inches of the rim.

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Yes slowly been adding as she grow bro thank you

She has perked back up to normal I guess she was overdue a feed​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Is that a mop bucket? The roots are going to bunch up in the bottom of that.

No it’s not a mop bucket it’s a regular 5 gallon bucket with pre drilled holes @oldmarine have more soil to add as she grows

The pot just looked small.

The plant looks nice. How old is she?

23days today she a blueberry bliss auto it says around ten weeks to harvest but once flowers Ill monitor the trichomes…

Went from a 6inch pot about a week ago

Is it normal for her to droop when lights off… Just wanna make sure :grin: @TRF @Underthestairs @MidwestGuy

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You should soak the soil the soil should have run off looks like you might want to spread your water out a little it will help the grow if you water heavy and less often

Feed every two to 3 days depending when soil is an inch dry she’s only drooped slightly since light went out she also did this yesterday but seems to love it when light is on


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thanks for the tag