Help please guys I dunno what to do

Guys help please it’s regarding light anyone online to help if so I’ll post pics

The Mars one has got lost or my payment failed will this do same job

@Dclark Which Mars light was supposed to be en route?

The light you linked is probably an okay light for seedlings but it won’t get you very far into a grow. It has a power draw of 60 watts, which translates into not very much. The UF3000 looks like a better bet in terms of power draw (200 watts) but it’s still not going to be ideal. There are better brands out there for the price.

How much space needs lighting and how many plants?

I saw this at $69. Not really that good. Simple. Cheap. Probably OK for veg…


What brands

Ah. The Mars Hydro was the equivalent of 3 of the UnitFarm light (sort of). It has a draw of 150watts vs the 60. Mars is also a more reputable brand. Not stellar but okay.

If I was growing one plant or lighting a small area (2x2) I’d do an HLG 135 Rspec.

For anything larger than that, I’d bump up to the 260 or 320 kit. Code DIY10 saves you 10% on the sticker price. The names correspond to their actual wattage - I.e. the 135 will be 135 watts, the 260 is 260 watts, and so on. You want ~40 watts per square foot. So you can do the math on how that looks for your grow space. HLG is top tier, I’ve had their 260XL for almost a week and I can see a massive difference in my plant’s growth. Used to have a pair of Vivosun VS1000 - two was the equivalent of 200 watts - so a joke in comparison to the one HLG.

Wow I think I’ll stick to my blurple for now it’s a 130w draw

Yeah, good quality light is an investment. I have to trust that it will pay off in the end with full, fat buds compared to the blurples and mid grade lights. I still run my VS1000s for supplemental light but it’s truly night and day with my biggest plant. If you just want something smokable, keep on keepin’ on (I think, anyhow).

Before HLG:

This morning, after being under HLG for a few days (maybe 4 by now?)

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Not that I wouldn’t love a new light but if I get caught my shit gets took anyway so don’t wanna be too deep this is my girl

What concerns me is she’s 4th week of flower and her leaves seem to be slowly be turning yellow😔

lol at least flush your darn toilet before taking a pic



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