Help please! Flushing nutrients on outdoor grow

Help me please!
Newbie grower here.

I been using dry organic nutes on my outdoor plants in the ground.
Didn’t realize you still have to flush the organic stuff prior to harvest so I put more on them today.

Did I mess up? Or is there a way to flush that shit before I have to harvest here in a few weeks? Kinda freaking out about it lol

You don’t actually have to flush :metal:

Don’t worry about it. Many people no longer flush nonorganic grows. Science says it isn’t necessary, preference thing.


I think one of the things overlooked in this area is the fact that the plant itself is just a plant.
A plant does not die immediately upon cutting it down.
Cellular activity continues until there is no food/water to continue.
This is born out by the fact you can take a cutting and clone it. If cell activity ceased at chopping, cloning would be impossible. So after we chop a plant there may be unused plant nutrients in the stems and veins, but those work out through the leaves and probably get converted into sugars. Flushing might remove a bit more, but there is a growing trend to abandon the practice.
That said I only give water the last week or two because I see no need to feed a plant that is basically done Save the food for the next grow.


Very well stated

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Flushing the soil at the end is only advantageous if you didnt catch on that harvest was immenent. It takes a week and a half or so for the plant to consume its stored nutes and bleed the soil of its nutes. So if you say have 15% amber but still wish to do the “final flush” you can flush the soil out and shave 4 or 5 days of the time it takes to get her to canabalize her leaves.


Awesome! I really appreciate the knowledge and the fast and detailed responses!
Thanks y’all!
My mind is eased :slight_smile:

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Taste test studies have recently been showing more preference towards plants fed through harvest. Many opt for the dark period pre harvest.

My palate can’t really tell too much of a difference. I guess I’m not sophisticated enough :wine_glass::rofl: