Help Please. First timer

Hi Guys,

So I’m in a part of the world that would hang me by my balls for looking at a seed never mind germinating it. Anyway I was hoping someone could give me a little advice please. I can’t get any grow food here for what I need, is there anything I could use instead, Would a fruit feed be ok, I know its not ideal but better than normal water I guess. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks you.


Compost! Actual food

Eggs shells calcium

Coffee grounds

The list goes on and on you can breakdown anything to make plant food just make sure your composting the correct products for your grow


Hi welcome back…Man that’s sucks …if you oops @PharmerBob you just beat me to it!! Thats what I was gonna suggest too! Good one!!


Look at super soils maybe? You can amend soils that you basically water the whole time, and top dress a couple times during the grow. Sorry that’s about all I can think of.


Good comments above. Check out others’ organic grows where they use readily available items like coffee and banana peels to make teas to feed cannabis.


Welcome back ! chicken manure ,cow manure. Warm castings. As mentioned list go’s on if you can get your hands on any of these.


Agree with everyone/everything listed above! Use all your fruit and vegetable scraps. You can compost them, dry and grind them for top dressings, or make teas to water your babies.

Google may help provide the NPK values for different crops so you know which one to use when facing a deficiency.


Worm castings , superworm frass, make banana tea for ur plants and make a compost tea , molasses unsulphured blackstrap ,blood and bone pellets ,dead fish if ur growing outside u put the fish under ur plant ,or you can get a heap of dead fish mince them up and put it in a drum of water and let it break down and then use the water for it when its ready theres alot of things u can do from using ur vegetables scraps ,egg shells ,and bones you should have a look online about making ur own fertilizers at home it is quite simple


Ahh sounds like Texas


I thought Utah


Thank you all for your replies. Much appreciated.