Help please first time outside

I just move my plants outside before I did they look perfectly vibrant and healthy there is a little bit of wind but not much I’m gonna keep them outside 24 hours a day now and not move them back inside are they all right? They’re bending over and I’m wondering if that’s a bad thing or if they’re just getting used to being outside

This is a before and then a right now

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@Stevendoe You need to bring them in and out to get them use to the outside


@Stevendoe the move outdoors places them in the wind and the plant may be unfamiliar with the wind.
The hoops will help. a stake and tie the plant stalk would help support the plant, while it adapts to outdoors. I planted my outdoor plants too early for temps but they were small enough, to adapt to the wind on their own. This guy was abandoned after a chemical overdose (bottom leaves burned off). he has been floating adrift for a week and is righting self for more sunlight ( no wind inside storage tub (outside). The foam is floating in run-off and spillage collection container. Roots exposed and just clump of dirt.

these outdoor guys avoided the toxic PH water.

They bend in the wind and while this is the only place they can grow outdoors in my yard w/o beeing seen, unless standing next to them.

3 hours direct sunlight, maybe. Cover crop got froze off, last freeze, Zone 8

Any chance they got too cold? I’m new to growing marijuana but I’ve pushed tomatoes seedlings to soon or forgotten that I left them outside and they bend and twist like that.

They probably need to be acclaimed to the temps.