Help Please! First time auto and Im obviously doing something wrong

My strongest seedling has taken a turn and started to droop and its first set of leaves are turning yellow.

I have it planted in a large 33cm pot with a mixture of; peat moss, pearlite, coco coir and high quality potting mix (>20%). The mix drains very well and my other seedling seems to be going great.

I have been very careful with watering and use a water meter to determine when to water them. I have feed them once with a very diluted worm castings mix from my worm farm. Ive been keeping them outside for 3hrs in full sun then inside under a 1000w LED light for 21hrs. They are all Auto Blueberry.

Here are some photos:

Here are my other seedlings:

This guy seems to be going really well.

These guys are doing it a little tougher in these smaller pots - going to transplant them once theyre a bit bigger and stronger.

And this guy is growing some weird leaves and doing weird things…

They look too wet to me.


Also, try to water in a ring away from the main stem.

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I agree; damping off.

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Thank you all.

Does it look like they’re getting too much light?

I would suggest to keep them indoors and give them some rest/dark time. Many do 18/6, 20/4, and 12/12. I ran my autos at 18/6 through veg and 12/12 through flowering to save a few dollars. Next time, I will run asst 18/6 for the entire grow.

Check the distance of your light and what the manufacturer suggests.

As others have said, too much water.

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Hey guys - bit of an update old mate is getting worse. See the pic.

Brown veins have appeared now and its still super droopy.

I haven’t watered or done anything but change the light schedule to 18/6.

Much worse today - bottom leaves yellow and drying up.

Is this one a goner?