Help please first grow

Hello this is my first indoor grow and my leaves started to have brown spots after spraying green cleaner for pest control i am not sure if they got burnt from the light or if it is too many nutrients
i sprayed the plants with green cleaner about 1 min before the light turned off im on a 18-6 light cycle
Im growing in a 24’‘x36’‘x63’’ tent with a 600w led light 2 clip fans for air flow and a 4in exhaust fan
i keep humidity is between 55-65% with humidifier temperature is between 70-75
i have 2 PHOTO plants in fabric pots and im using fox farms ocean forest soil And they are in week 3 of veg.
I gave them the first feeding of FF big bloom & grow big but i cut the measurements in half and i keep the ph between 6.1 - 6.7 with ppm and ec within the required range on the fox farms feeding chart. Any advice or suggestions for a healthy grow please let me know. plants are Purple Turnover by equilibrium genetics
Thank you

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That’s kind of what it looks like.

Natural pictures next time will be more helpful. Welcome to the community!

If you’re still concerned, I can copy and paste a support ticket for more information if you need.
Happy growing!


What is the distance from light to canopy? Also with ffof it is possible to get some nute burn when mixing in ff nutrients. Water only for a couple of weeks and see if it starts to change for the better. I almost get through the whole veg cycle with ffof. I use ff nutrients
early if plant is showing signs of starvation in there young state of growing. Hope a little helps you on your journey my friend and happy growing!

i keep the light about 18-20 inches above the canopy i will definitely only water the plants for the next few
weeks and see how it goes thank you for responding

FF soil is hot’ish. In my current grow using FFoF I waited 30+ day’s before feeding nutes. Plants grew just fine without it.

Distance from canopy this early is 20-24 inches depending on light. I know fk all about blurples other than don’t waste your money on them.

Welcome to the community

If your in FFOF you shouldn’t feed for another 3/4 weeks. That soil has a lot in it and will feed your plant through4/6+ weeks old after transplant.

noted i will not
add any nutes for a few weeks just plain water

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@FatBoi420 looking good keep growing on!

Something I always ask people when they tell me they sprayed something on their plants is “would you smoke it?”

No matter the stage of life your plant is in it will never need a foliar spray for any reason.

Lady bugs can take care of most the stuff that eats your plants.

Those things being said, watch the new growth for any signs of the same issue and take it steady, from the looks of it your doing just fine so far

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Thank you for the advice i appreciate it friend

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