Help Please E-juice

I want to make sure what I am about to do is ok to do.

I am going to be doing rosin and plan to mix .5g of rosin with 1ml of wax liquidizer pineapple flavor. Getting it to mix then soaking the mix with a syringe. Waiting 2-6 hours with the mix in the syringe to then use a .2 micron syringe filter to filter it.

I want to avoid the juice turning black while vaping from the fats and lipids burning up.
Is this a good plan? Input would be greatly appreciated.

Bump please help

I am curious also.

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Bump. Anyone?

@annebonny is the one I’d ask
If you search a few shared edibles, or the hash edible section then I’m sure I’ve saw her recipes on there
Also search farm to vape,
Recipe and how to make vape oils …
About making e-juice out of abv bud
There really are a number of threads that have all the info you seek

Thanks for the tag @Nug-bug.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner @BoulevardC90Rider. I have used rosin and wax with farm to vape and didn’t have any issues. Now I use the concentrated Cannabis oil I make myself with everclear and do it with either Farm to Vape or Wax liquidizer. I have tried several times to make my own mixture with PG and VG combo but it always seperates so I gave up. The usual recipe is 1 gram to 2 ml of Wax liquidizer so your mix ratio is good.

This is just my opinion and not based on anything in particular but I don’t think straining it through a filter after will remove anything. I could be completely off the mark but I would think fats and lipids would need to be removed first by some kind of alcohol process as I imagine they are stuck to the tricomes. Did you make the rosin yourself to know how it was processed?

Also don’t forget to decarb before you mix with your wax Liquidizer. ~ AB.

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Thank you for your input.

Yea I am making the rosin myself. Squishing at 220f for 45 seconds at a pressure of 700lbs.

Do I still have to decarb before the press even at that temperature?

Thank you again!!!

@BoulevardC90Rider I think you do still need to decarb. I decarb at 240 degrees for 30–40 minutes so I don’t think your squish will do it since it’s only 45 seconds.