Help please black Widow

No bueno ! Suggestion ??

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Wrap with electrical tape: you can put a drop of honey or pure aloe in the tear. If the cambium isn’t separated it should recover.


If this doesn’t work can i plant in another pot ?
It is 90% severed. crap.

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Should i remove and replant in separate pot ?
This just happened

Just wrap it with teflon tape, or electric tape. Teflon tape has a little more stretch and no sticky adhesive. I wouldn’t risk replanting or moving too much.


She’s going to be fine. That is a good repair. Drizzle some honey in as mentioned.

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I’ve wrapped mine with soft ties and good success. If it’s a photo I would clone it :love_you_gesture:

Think of it as a graft. :wink:


I removed and repotted. Good grief. It broke at knot in branch. Should i clip it above knot for replant ??

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Be careful of the language…


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I had a plant do this on every site I did a FIM on. All her branches tore off the main stalk so I pulled her as she was ready. I had no choice.

I still haven’t bought the Silica to strengthening the branches and stalks.

I would just drive a stake beside it an secure it to the stake with electrical tape and leave it the way it is. As long as the cambium is sill attached to the main stalk it will be fine

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cambium was severed i removed and planted it between stalk and bucket edge…
crap shoot at this point …

Doubtful if it will survive. i never had much luck doing that. If you have so clone x you might dip it init and put in so water it might get some roots going, idon’t know?

If you can remember to get it, it’s a pretty good idea. I was very surprised at how fast my girl’s stems got really strong.

That being said, I snapped one this time, and I used makuna honey and a bit of vet wrap to tape it. I like vet wrap b/c it allows airflow, and it just sticks to itself, nothing else.


The bottom right branch was torn completely off leaving a gaping hole. I put it back in place and wrapped with teflon tape. That branch had some of the biggest cola’s on the whole plant.

After harvest

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Put some homey and wrap tape around it to hold it together the honey will help it heal


@Aussie_autos moving on from broken branch,
Im pretty sure im in lockout. The plant is healthy but I’ve seen little growth this week. I did a good defol this past week and setup scrog but growth has definitely slowed. I have been having small ph issues, in and out. I got my water right now Should i flush ?

What nutrients are u using