HELP please, best way to lower SOIL p.H. in flower

Please can someone tell me a good way to lower my p.H. please. I’m week 5in flower and have 9 to 10 week strains that my p.H. is 7.5 and these plants typically like being under 6.5
Is there something that will lower my p.H. fast that’s organic? I heard putting coffee grounds on top your soil will lower it and also pouring black coffee diluted 50/50 with water will lower it too. Along with cottonseed meal and compost and some other stuff also I can’t think of right this second.
I would really appreciate getting feedback and correct answers from people.
Thank you for your time and happy growing everyone!!!

I also want to add that I’ve been watering and nuiting my plants at a 4.4 p.H. And the runoff p.H. is still coming out in the mid 7s.
I have good meters and they are calibrated correct. So I’m super confused on why it won’t drop? I’ve been watering and nuiting my plants at 4.4 or around that every time I water and it still won’t lower. Why is this happening???

4.4 is way low soil needs to be 5.6to 6.5. Being fed. My soil is a consistant 6.5 to 7 of runoff nothing wrong with my girls soil dosent like to be to low you get soil in the low 5s the micro organisms in your roots cant live and your plants will suffer intake and lock out.
Just curious what made you go to 4.4 ph?

Tryna get it down seems like. Let me poke @Mrcrabs and @Myfriendis410. They know they ish. Crabs u got an organic ph down?

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Idk if I didn’t explain it well enough but I am only watering it that low because I’m trying to lower the p.h. in my soil. It’s at 7.5 and I need it at 6.2 to 6.5 that’s the reason for the 4.4 when I water. But it’s still not lowering it and I’ve been watering at that for over 3weeks. My p.h. actually rose up by .2

I don’t have a organic p.h. down that’s the only thing that is not organic with my grow set up. But I usually use 5ml to 10ml of some nuites and it lowers my p.h. pretty good. I hardly us the p.h. down

I think they use Dolomite lime, I don’t use any , my compost is well rounded, and keeps ph in check, but I think gypsum and wood ash would works , not fast acting but little at a time

I’m heading to sheriff garage but will do some research and hit u up in a bit, switching to watch

That would be very awesome. Yeah I don’t have access to compost or wood ash. Also the lime keeps your p.h. in check at around 7.0 it would work to bring it down to that but I’m trying to drop it to about 6.0 6.5 the highest.

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Try lime or lemon juice

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Here’s an organic soil acidifier.

edit : never mind, looks like it can take 6 months to break down

Did you try flushing them with water ph to 6-6.5 until run off is the same as intake? A thought from a nooby. :face_with_monocle:

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Solid advise. A continually flush @6.0 until u force it to drop.

Also @Craig420Daniels ur synthetic ph up n down can wreck ur microbe herd a bit. Id start looking into organic ways to change ph. I normally use baking soda for up (when mixing nutes, it drops ph always)

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@Craig420Daniels a couple of things. First; do not exceed the normal PH range when watering or feeding. It won’t work and could cause a lockout. You could cheat a little but it really doesn’t work. Second: verify the calibration of your PH meter. It sounds silly but happens. Just verify in 7.0 Standard Reference Solution. Third, the media PH normally drops in late flower to values in the 4’s and if late enough only causes interesting colors.

Liken what you are doing to going from a hot tub into a cold shower. It’s a shock to the plant so look to more longterm solutions like dolomite lime top dressed into your media (follow package instructions).

Here’s the layman’s answer to PH movement in soil: there is so much mass in the media at “X” Ph that the introduction of either a nutrient solution or water has way less solids (TDS) that it simply can’t affect the soil. Like moving a boulder with bicycle.


Thanks @Myfriendis410 your an encyclopedia of knowledge hands down my friend :pray:, listen to my boy , I do living soil and don’t use store bought amendments, thanks again brother

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Right back at you, brother! You have the organic side down.

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