Help plants getting to big

Plants are starting to touch light not sure what to do one ain’t even flowering yet I will post pics ASAP

Super crop or tie branches down


They big and won’t bend much

I’m new to this and the got huge quick my 2nd tent first tent is older and not no where near as tall but they are budding in first tent

Yes they will. Run your thumb and index finger up and down the stock and as you do feel for the sweet spot once you find it keep squeezing it gently shaking it back and forth and she’ll bend right on over


It may have hardened due to the proximity of the light. Try bending low down on the branch where it should be softer.

Here’s a pic of them

You vegged space a little too long if light can’t go up. I agree with the others, supercrop them.

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I’m not quite sure how to super crop

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@Drew420 YouTube has some good videos that show you how to super-crop. Good luck growing :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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I super cropped and they are starting to poke back up again :smiley: I was so worried bout messing it up thanks you guys it is very much appreciated

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You’ll want to tie them down so you’re not in the same boat again in a few days

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Ok I’m going to soon as I get home thanks

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