Help: Plants drooping

I have week old seedlings which have been doing fine up until this point.
I have them under 32W LED grow lights set on the blue spectrum.

I have been spraying them twice a day and they are in peat pots.
They are consistently around 75 degrees.

Last night the leaves of two plants slightly drooped.
This morning 4 of the plants leaves have curled inwards and 2 others have drooped.

I am not sure if this is because of not enough water, too much light or over watering?

Please let me know guys.

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Not enough water. Did you water soil to runoff before placing seed? Are you spraying them or the soil? Can spray seedling soil and domes. Don’t spray them directly.

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They look dry to me. Can you put a dome over them? A clear plastic cup or water bottle? Spritz some water inside the dome and place over the plant. Also give some water to the medium in a circle around the plant but a 1/2”-1” from the stem.


Yeah, I’d say they need water. Soil looks really dry, maybe hydrophobic at this point.

Water them and dome them even a ziplock bag will work

i have a humidity dome. should i leave them all in there for their darkness period?

Dome and leave lights on 24/0 for the first ten days. This helps maintain fluid transport in the seedling which will help with the drooping.


Other have you setvon watering. Your light may be a little weak too.

how often should i be watering and what about air circulation ?

Kinda looks like your light could be lowered.
Looks like they are stretching quite a bit.
They’re too top heavy.

I mist the inside of the dome twice a day (after media is damp) using distilled water. The action of removing dome to mist it is enough air exchange at this time.

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okay thanks. with regards to lighting, i have a 32w led adjustable spectrum. what spectrum should i be using ?

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I’d have that light cranked up as high as it would go. 32 watts is about right for seedlings.

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Yeah that looked dry as hell , and it was getting leggy too