HELP- plants don't look good at all

My plants are clones from months ago (I cloned myself) They look horrible, and I don’t even know if they are alive, they sure aren’t growing. They were under stress until about a week ago when I got a grow tent. Now they are under good conditions. Temp 75, humidity 45-50, 400 watt light. I am expecting seeds any day now. Should I just

toss these out and start again?

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Welcome the last picture definitely does not look to be the norm with a single leaf. @imSICKkid what do you think ? To answer your question with new Seeds coming an new setup I would probably start over

Awe it flowered

What’s the clone of? Photo- will take time to go back to veg and continue growth

Auto- wait for milky thrics and smoke it

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Really tho if you keep them in there and your new seeds start out performing the clones it’s a no brainer what to keep.

Production = profit


I mean…the plants look to be revegging judging by the single smooth leaves growing from the bud so it seems to be doing what it’s supposed to do. Your plants and your seeds, if you wanna start over then start over…or keep trying to work these.


That was my first thoughts just haven’t seen one that small reveging. Thanks @imSICKkid

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They are strawberry diesel and blueberry headband clones

If it were me I’d use a smaller pot until roots are almost potbound, it will help with watering and promote a bit of canopy growth once the roots have filled the container…
Honestly, unless the bud was killer you could plant seed and be way farther ahead. Typically once a cut has gone to bud it loses vigor and takes longer to establish vegetation.

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Looks like they were monster cropped clones. (Clones taken during flowering)
Typically get mine to switch back to vegging by giving 24 hour light for a week. Then switch it back to 18/6. Some strains are more stubborn than others, and will continue to flower when switched back to 18/6 and you have to give it 24 hour light.
This might be the issue here, they continued to flower. I also don’t know what light schedule you gave them. That Might clear some things up a bit. If your patient enough you can get these to produce, but it’s up to you. Just a waiting game.

Thanks so much. Yes they were cloned from a flowering plant. Will increase the lights and hope for the best. Live and learn. In the meantime I can start seeds along with them.

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Even for a monster cropped clone, they should’ve vegged and grown in a few months. What is light schedule you are using?

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16/8. Just switched it to 24/0

Looks like they were in flower and now trying to re-veg to me but the experts here got ya covered. Good luck and hope all goes well

If you’ve got room in the tent, keep them going.

You’ll know what to do in another month or so when your seeds have sprouted and are overtaking everything.

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