Help plants are stunted?!

Whats up everyone!! This is my second grow so don’t beat me up too bad. My plants are in day 14 and they look BUSHY, the bottom leaves are DARK green, thick stems, and leaves are showing some curling at the tips. The strain is WW from ILGM, I’m having issues determining if I have overfed them or maybe if my lights are affecting the growth. The first run I had cheap LED light on amazon (HYSTORM HY 600W) with a homemade Coco Perlite mix (these plants seem to be a lot more stretched out) in 5’x2.5’ with General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow. This time I have changed the lights 3 (MARS TS100) and also went to the local grow shop for Soil mix (Coco Loco). I assumed the soil mix was pretty straightforward ( I didn’t realize it came loaded with slow-release nutes) and last run I had no issues with nute burns. I have been watering with Tap water at 6.0ph with 3mg CA-LMAG per gal with about tsp of General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow total ppm at 1150. I started to flush with 6.0ph tap water, but it’s very time-consuming and I’m worried the soil will become too dense…The run off has ranged from 1750-1450 pmm so far. What is my next best move, I’ve already "flushed: 3 of 6 plants. I’m concerned I’m not getting enough nutes out and I’m packing the soil down too much!!

Im not an expert by any means but it looks to be over watered and possibly a nitrogen deficiency. Again im not an expert. Someone else may have more infor for you. I would double check water ph after nutrients are added. Somenof them may lower or raise your ph depending on what it is. 6.0 seems too acidic to me. I like to stay around 6.4 to 6.7

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What light are you using and how high is it?

I initially thought over watering as well but its going on three days now with out water and the top two inched are DRY. I can also say I see a difference from the curling (started about a week ago) and the Drooping which started today late afternoon.

3X MARS TS 1000 about 24" from top leaves

I’ve pull out 3 of 6 to start flushing in the sink, I’ve got the run off down to 500 PPM but I did see the soil line compact about an inch…

I think they look pretty great for 14 days they might have a touch of over phosphorous which results in tighter node growth and maybe slight over nitrogen but I wouldn’t be that worried

Yeah when I was adding nutes I had no idea the medium already came loaded, that was my first mistake. How much should I flush / do you pay attention to what the runoff is like?!

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I assume you’re working with salt based nutes once you’re ppm run off is the same or close to the ppm of what you’re putting in to flush you can let it dry out and then hit them with a full dose of fertilizer im personally growing full organic so I never touch my tds meter but that’s cause they work differently

Yes salt-based nutes, I flushed the back three plants until the PPM was below 500. The front three I only used 3 gallons on each plant so the run-off was much higher, closer to 1500PPM. I’ll watch them and see if the extra flushing made a difference.