Help plan attic grow!

First thing is get the measurements of area you wish to use. What is temp/humidity in the space currently? Is there A/C duct below?
Kick A$$ … You’ve got potential in that


Just guessing it looks 8x10 If the studs are 16 center but that looks like an old house. Looks like 5 1/4 board flooring. Hell yeah!! What till all the guys see this and you will be Golden with all the help you need.


Beautiful space my man

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Made this in my crawl space. @LiftedLorax


You gotta wait for the big guns :muscle:- a lot of grower here has transformed their rooms into amazing spaces , I’m still in tents , you need someone with permanent solutions walls, your air circulation etc , will see if I can find some I’ll try to tag

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@Ocean build his room maybe he can tag more growers

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Thanks for looking out!!!

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Very nice!! Anything you learned, really glad you did or regret doing??

I will post dimensions and etc. shortly! Not in the house yet so don’t have exact measurements!!

Hahahaha!! I regret showing my buddy I can grow this plant!!

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These are the two plants I got going atm!!! That was this morning the smaller one has already moved soo much!! 2 grow questions on second grow!

It’s gonna be up to you on a cost factor. And LUMBER is crazy expensive right now. But I see a window for exhaust. And just apply A/C


I just seen LST.
How old is that house? You don’t see clap board much anymore.

That house is meant to last!

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The house is 98 years old!! Old one and lots of character!! What is clap board??

You only see it in older houses. You have boards going horizontally across the studs and rafters.

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I have built out my room as posted above by @Randy_Marsh , and have learned quite a bit as I seemed to have done everything twice :/… Here’s my input:

  • Run a water line into the space before you frame it out, so your not toting buckets of water for feedings.

  • think about air flow and temps, depending on where you live, you might want an A/C for cooling and consider where it will be placed. My window unit condensation is hellacious and I’ve had to run drain lines just for that.

  • go with flat white paint, it’s cost effective and works perfect.

  • research a TON about lights, your going to need enough power to run them, so consider the power draw rating from the wall (then double that) so that you have the proper wall power for it and don’t forget about accessories (fans, etc), I’d suggest running an entire circuit from the main breaker panel just for that room.

  • Seal the room the best you can, the smell will get out, even with carbon filters if there is cracks etc. I ended up adding a 12 x 24 carbon heap filter to my wall A/C I take as it was something I overlooked, but it is made a huge difference.

I’m sure there’s more, but those seemed to be the ones that most thought needs to be given to do it correctly.


Guess you’re probably thinking :man_facepalming: what in the world did I get myself into??
Welcome aboard!! Congratulations on the new house. Excited to see what plans ya come up with.


Great I will definitely keep those in mind!!! @Woodrow and thank you!! I’m incredibly excited!! I’m actually going for the inspection today so I’ll bring my tape measure and take some measurements!! Thanks again!!!

You can use the foil backed insulation sheets way lighter than Sheetrock and you going to need insulation from the summer heat

Dimensions are 10’ deep 6’4” wide 7,4” high