Help!(Pictures included) over or underwatered?

These plants are a few weeks old and I’m not sure if their over or underwatered…stems red too but idk if its the strain or what??any tips will help I just watered

Thank You guys.

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Looks over watered when they dry out pick up the pots and feel how light they are then water it and Gauge off the weight of the pot but being that size you should be able to saturated it looks like you’re ready to transplant them into a bigger pots The red stem is something genetic in the plant some of them have it some of them down the top one looks like a clown that was in flour and put back into Veg what is your light schedule


20/4 light…I didnt water for 2 days and no change so just watered humidity 50-60% and temp 75f

Definitely need to transplant dude.


Agreed @GFDuke using those king of pots are different I would rip it off carful you don’t want to damage the roots cloth pots work great


Heading to wally world now to get perlite to mix in with promix organic for a 5 gal bucket mix

The promix should already have perlite in it you don’t really need to add it if it does

Roots are sticking to bottom on last one and a few broke so I left in that container…poked some holes in bottom and put in into soil like that. Those 5 inch containers break down in water and roots already coming through bottom so is that ok? just poke big hole in bottom of the carboard and put into soil and bucket like that? Or would I have to remove plants from that container first

only has 5-10% perlite and everywhere say 25-30% is best?

Perlite or no perlite added?

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I’d go ahead and add it. Better to have to water more often than have root without air. Just my opinion


What hornhead said!

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well they were out of perlite so I put some vermiculite about 10%

I just plant those starter peat pots right into the soil all the time. The roots just grow right through them and they do break down and dissolve.