HELP! (PICS) Waiting for response - root rot perhaps


I’m newbie…but I believe maybe this is root rot, plants wilting! Using hydroguard, GH 3 part trio, Armor SI, Calmag. 2 weeks old or so.
Plants looking limp as you can see. I’m not sure what to do?? I used Hydroguard (last grow same thing happened and I tossed out and started new with Hydroguard) but still have this issue! ANY input appreciated. Like I said, I’m a newbie… first time growing anything so any tips appreciated! PH - 5.9
PPM - 225
Water temp - 70 wh8cH4lbRluuQh%25mJrh1EA|374x500



Did u wash and disinfect every thing u are using? Buckets, rez, pumps, lines etc etc…u gtta be sure all is clean. I dont use hydro gaurd myself, I use AN’s Piranha benificial root fungi. Also those clay pellets I think r knwn to hold bacteria.
I use the net pit with a neoprene collar and leave net pot empty, like @peachfuzz does.
Also water temp must be kept at 65-72ish F.

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the roots dont look bad but idk if root rot just starting…what else can cause plants to limp…should my ppm be higher? just did a res change using distilled water like always and but 1 tsp cal mag, 1/2 tsp per gallon of gh micro and grow and 1/4 tsp bloom. new ppm 200 ph 5.8


You can start bumping up the TDS of your solution but I have some questions:

do you have an air stone running? Is it a vigorous “rolling boil” look when running?

What do you use to measure PH and TDS? When did you calibrate last?

Spray that area of your roots with straight 3% peroxide and see if that knocks it back. You may need to do a flush with Florakleen or Sledgehamer and disinfect everything.


use digital ph meter calibrated…tds ppm pen tester. 2 airstones each bucket with 2 good sized pumps. 1 pump commercial is 536 gpm other pump is 600 liters per hour


I was also going to suggest a higher ppm for feed and @Myfriendis410 suggested some other good options.
I run high press aeroponics so my help is limited, also my first hydro attempt. My girl is almst 5 weeks into flower and my ppms r up around 1500 plus ppm


whats a good ppm for 2 week old plants? Mine are at 200-225 from following gh feeding schedule from another website


400 to 600 ppm using Lucas Formula.

Wash the roots with Peroxide, flush and do a reset. That’s all I can suggest. Use beneficial bacteria. Keep temps under 70F.


So would flushing with ph’d water for a day then adding nutes …or do ares change and add nutes right from the start.
OR…add more nutes right now before res change and see if that helps?
leaves are dark green and limping bad and stems/branches are kind of a dark purple color but idk if its the strain


The purple stems are more than likely caused by the artificial light. No worries. As @Myfriendis410 said,

  1. spay your roots with 3% hydrogen peroxide

  2. empty your containers, clean and sanitize them, fill with fresh water. Add FloraKleen or similar product if you have it.

  3. run this for a couple of days

  4. empty, clean and sanitize buckets

  5. refill with fresh water and nutes to get ppms up to around 400-600


WASH THE ROOTS WITH PEROXIDE. That will do a reset before adding back any beneficial bacteria. You may have to invest in a chiller which for many was the ticket to success.

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ok I have 3% peroxide currently, will that work or will I have to buy 35%? Is it enough to use a spray bottle to spray them 3-4 times to make sure their covered? water temp is always around 72f…What temp should I aim for (realistically since using hydroguard too)…inside grow tent usually around 74-79f during hot time of day. Have 20/4 light timing right now with lights off 12-4pm when its hot. 2 900 watt LED’s - watts from wall 225w each. IS cleaning buckets with bleach then doing a good rinse ok to do ( I did that to one bucket yesterday)going to lowes to get some 6" tubing…I have 6" output fan but only 4" input so just got 6" fan delivered to increase airflow. Anything else I should pick up at lowes besides peroxide to help my situation…getting some peroxide too


I’ve found extra buckets to be helpful.

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Sorry if I seem like an idiot lol First time growing… read a lot of posts but they all have different solutions for each one but to me they look like its the same problem so started a new one with my problem lol. Just wanting to workout cause I spent around 1 grand to get everything up and going.


Hey I am new as well,

The first real fight with Hdro for me, was root rot. Once the root rot set in, it has to be delt with, or just grows (or just dont get better but worse.

Root rot is one thing I know how to rid.

At least I was able to rid mine.

Like was said already, maybe the beginning in stages of root rot?

I got rid of a bad case (Root Rot) took me 3 weeks before I finally got it under control. I think I could do it faster now that I know how.

My Root Rot was so bad, 70% of the roots died and broke off.

Discoloration can be from nukes, not saying it is, and maybe not all nukes will do this. But some nukes will also cause them to change colors mimicking the beginning stages of root rot.

Hey my 1 cent. It is not worth 2 cents


Throw some frozen water bottles in the buckets… your shooting for temps around 65 to 70 degrees in your buckets…
How high is your water level… ?
You want at least a 1" to 2" air gap between bottom of net pot and water level… :wink:



Any way you want to deliver the peroxide; a hand sprayer is fine. Just douche it down thoroughly and stay away from bleach because it leaves a residue. 3% is fine. Wally World sells it for $.88 pint.

What @peachfuzz said too haha.

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OK working on it now, Picked up a few extra buckets so Ima use new ones to make sure bucket is 100% clean from rot.
So…ima pick up net pots and empty buckets…THOROUGHLY spray roots with 3% peroxide a 2-3 times over the course of 5-10 minutes. spray net pot, airstones and tubing as well. Then add clean PH’d water. I do a 1 day flush before adding nutes back. Should I put in hydroguard with clean water or wait until I add nutes then add it?
ALSO one more thought…I use well water in my humidifier (buckets distilled) and my tap is 300ppm…would that be negative in anyway? I dont really wanna run extra gallon of distilled water in humidifier everyday but if need be I will


Well water is also fine for growing


no chance of bad bacteria in well water or calcium toxicity from to much etc?