Help picking something to stop smell?


Well, I have a Blueberry auto that is starting to smell.

It is in a grow box in my closet.
I usually keep the doors open to the closet, and you can smell the smell just walking into the bedroom.

Having the closet doors closed doesn’t help either. lol

So, I was looking at this

It seems kind of expencive, but I like the idea of being able to just sit it on top of the grow box, and letting it do it’s thing.

I also thought about maybe trying some ona Pro gel things.

What concerns me with the ona gel, is how you don’t want it near the grow, so, I’m not sure if the Ona being in the bedroom, and the grow box being in the open closet would be to close…?

Does anyone have any suggestions, or recommendations?


An Odor Sock works very well if you can find one and they are very lite or just go for the carbon filter they work well too but are heavier. You will need a proper fan that is 25% bigger then you would normally use to force the air thru ether of these and both are around the same price.
I haven’t used the Ona style chems but I have seen mix reviews about them, Some say the are great others say they don’t work. I wouldn’t want unknown chemicals near my plants.
My pick is the odor sock only because its a fraction of the weight of the normal carbon filter.


A 4 inch inline fan with carbon scrubber and if you feeding and growing a very strong strain , even a carbon scrubber cannot contain the smell totally when you open the box .


That is the weird thing…

When you open the box, there isn’t much of a smell yet, but most of the smell is outside the box. lol


Have you looked into an ion generator ?


Is an Ion generator like an ozone generator?

I just bought some ONA Gel things, so will report back on how well they work…

Here is some pics of the source of the smell.



An ion generator is a small electronic device that produces negative ions that attach themselves to molecules in the air and causes the smell to fall to the floor. Many household air filters come with this feature. I bought one designed for use in a car. Small enough to fit in your hand. I bought it at a radio shack store. I used it in a 2 by 4’ closet. Worked OK, could’ve used one more I think. Ionic breeze may be affective. But now the world has changed and I have discovered the carbon filter and circulation fan. They don’t call them scrubbers for nothing. Amazing.


But, we don’t always have the cash to do what we want.


Pretty much!

That’s why I figured I’d see how well the ONA Gel works.
It was only $20, and a lot of people recommend them when googling, and if it isn’t good enough, I’ll prob see about the carbon fan in the link I posted.


I payed 15 bucks for that ion car freshener.


I cant get them here tell me if they work if so i will order some


I would like to say the odor sock worked very well for a few months but then if started raining out side and now it dosn’t seem to work at all so I am back to my normal carbon filter
I would not get the Odor sock


Ah ha, humidity fills the micro holes not allowing them to trap smell molecules. Carbon filters can get choked up the same way but they are a little less vulnerable and I think when humidity goes down they may regain ability to do it’s job.