Help! pH is 5.5 and 5.6

Yup, straight water meant no nutes. The nutes I use have a very low ph on their own.

. . All I did was keep them 17" under two 400 watt halides until transplant then on the floor they went under two 600 sodiums. Started them in one gallon pots then into seven gallon pots. At transplanting time the roots were ready.


There is more, I left room for more dirt so when the seedlings stretched I burried them up to their ears and prayed for lateral roots to grow from there.

Very healthy, beautiful looking ladies! No curling or discoloration. Maybe my next grow (just got my Blue Dream seeds in the mail :blush:) will look this good.

I’m going to post this up on a new thread but maybe you guys could help me out:
These are the two plants at very top of thread. They’re now one week into flower. Male or female or maybe too soon to tell?

My first attempt I had plants that started to stagger like they were starting to bud and they grew distorted versions of what I would expect if I had put them in twelve twelve. The light regiment was 18/6. I had auto flowers in the room also that I knew of and for a time I wondered if they all were auto flowers. The real a u toes went into full bud and other kept vegging as the oddness didn’t progress. Maybe two weeks after the autoes started to bud I changed the regiment to 12/12 and they started to bud as I expected. No males either.I was kind of surprised about that.



The bottom pic is East Coast Deisal.

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Still a beginner but I think it’s too early to tell. Just keep putting up pics and someone will give you advice. Suggest making that the thread title. May get more responses. But good luck.

Thanks, I’ll put up a few more pics tomorrow. And, good idea about starting a new thread.

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Jpositive i think the top is is a female but its to early. Pretty positive the lower is a male. Im new but i have seen enough pics to feel pretty confident. Dont make a move yet but be ready to on the lower “presumed male” looks like tiny seeds forming

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