Help... pests? Nutrient issues? Bacteria?

I have lots of spots growing up the main stall and now getting to shoots. Here’s some pics, I appreciate any information and knowledge people have. Maybe it’s no big deal but been dealing with PM for about 1.5 months and almost resolved or kept at bay.

Omg you got a bad infestation, how long it is going on? Maybe Barnacle Scales. A bunch of great growers are here to help. I will tag you expert growers.


Meanwhile can you upload pics of the white spots on the leaves too please?


Pretty sure the white spots you see is just a reflection from them getting sprayed down for PM. I guess maybe been going on 2-3 weeks.

That’s definitely not normal. Do you see bugs anywhere? I would get a scope and examine under your leaves. Maybe it could be mealybugs or scales. I also just read the WPM can grow on the stems too. I would try to wipe it off and see.


I don’t see any bugs. Plan is to remove tonight. This last grow has been one problem after the next. Note to self and others… don’t get clones from some joe of the street, and don’t get bamboo sticks from flower shops or garden centers full of PM… ugh… what a learning experience and just plain time consuming…

However, about 1.5 months ago there were bugs from the clone o received. I treated and eventually went away…


Sorry to hear, definitely have to be careful with clones, even if you get them from a dispensary. Hope things get better for you. Also what are you using to combat the pm?

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Organic JMS Stylet Oil after disliking stinky neem oil. Also ordered UVC light.

Never clones, unless from a trusted source. I really have no idea what’s going on here.

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You see this more commonly in tomatoes. It’s known as “root primordia”. Keep an eye on it to see if the leafs start showing other signs of stress/problems. It’s typically not a problem in tomatoes.

The bigger spots probably are on there for good, but the smaller newer ones you can touch and may rub off. They’ll feel like tree sap. They’re like blisters usually due to root issue or serious injury to the stem.

I’m not ruling out pests because I have no idea what’s going on in your space. The pictures you posted indicate an unhealthy plant based on the leaves I can see

Potential causes
Bad genetics
To much rooting hormone
Root bound
Humidity issues
Potentially bugs

If you think it’s bugs you can dry out the medium. After watering add an inch of sand to the top. This will prevent pests from entering the medium again or eggs already in from hatching, feeding and escaping.

I used green cleaner on my vegetable garden outside and had great results for the wpm.


So you don’t think it’s barnacle scales? Pretty sure they were unhealthy from PM and finally starting to bounce back, but now another setback.

Could be root bound too I guess. But figured I’d get a couple more months before I had to trim down the roots since they are mothers.

What does it mean PM?

I’ve seen similar to this in my own vegetable garden before on tomato stems. Mine we more green though. Posted a similar pic below. BTW they didnt impact the tomato harvest. It could be barnacles and that would explain the issues in the leafs as it’s sucking the plant dry. If you’re in a tent or something enclosed; Lady bugs will eat those if they’re a wax scale bug (barnacle). You can buy them online.

I use Essentria IC3 for outdoor pest management (PM), but it requires a sprayer and several applications to start really working. It can be used a few times a day. It did not remove these from my garden.

Might be able to see if it’s a bugs/eggs or blisters with a jewelers loops? Could be what you might think it is from all the Organic JMS Stylet Oil as according to their site it should destroy scaled bugs like barnacles.

If it’s root primordia it will look more like this up close

like blisters

If those are all bugs & eggs it’s probably the worst case of plant infestation I’ve ever seen. If it is it’s probably not worth trying to save might as well destroy it, sanitize everything and start over. Especially if you’re growing more than one plant.

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Something I have not actually ever seen on my indoor or outdoor plants, no idea.

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I’m referring to powdery mildew when I say PM.

Ok thanks! How is she doing?


They are doing much better now, finally bouncing back. Probably flower them in another week.

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Nice to hear that! :v: What was that problem?

Sorry for the late reply. PM was one of the issues and probably root issues from being in such small containers.


I have nothing to add to this as Ive never had this issue. What I can say is, if the plant is healthy and doing well I wouldnt sweat it too much. Just ride it out and dona massive cleanup to ensure whatever it is gone for ever.

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