Help! Outdoor bud rot! How do I fix this?

This is my first grow, and everything was going great, up until lately where we’re having a lot of rain. They’re in a greenhouse with lots of areas for wind to blow though, but it’s rotting now. How do I help my crop?? I’m trimming away the infected ones currently.

Open it up. Is there a worm in there? You might have other problems. Remove affected buds, check for bugs and spray the plant with H2O2.

A picture of the whole plant would help, but you might consider defoliation. jmho

Defoliation and a big exhaust fan with high humidity constant air will help if. Possible

I say slash and burn. Whatever it takes to save the plant. Cut it out, get it all, spray it down. That’s all you can do.

I clean out the inside of my plants. Get rid of the lower 1/3 of the growth. Any branch that doesn’t reach halfway up the plant is gone. I remove 1/3-1/2 of the growth on remaining branches.

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Should I cut off the brown parts of them stems too? Will that grow?? I’m still chopping and removing leaves currently, and as much infected bud as possible. What solitons should I spray with?

Hydrogen peroxide with water

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How big is you greenhouse can you put a big fan in there. Remove anything with any signs of mold. Remove anything that’s near the ground and anything that not getting sunlight or blocking sunlight. Get the fan blowing under the canopy. Spray entire plant/s with h2o2.
What’s the humidity in there

Just spray the stems with a peroxide mixture. I don’t believe you could use “too much” but I might be wrong. A 2% solution definitely won’t hurt them.

Humidity is high right now as it’s been raining nonstop the last few days. It should stop this week. What should I do with these infected spots on the stems? They branch off the main colas. I’m cutting a lot of fan leaves right now to improve circulation and going to spray with the hydrogen peroxide soon when I’m done

Just spray them down. Don’t cut it out. Should just wilt and wash away over time. You could rub it off, but spray it first, don’t want to spread it.

I see a probable bud wash in your future

If you touch any of that with your hands don’t touch anywhere else or you’ll spread it. I would cut away all the larf and focus on saving the cola’s. I’m growing in a greenhouse as well and mold is my biggest fear. My plants are all in preflower mode. It’s monsoon season here and we’ve had crazy rain.

I’m feeling that pain too we need the sun to come out and fast it’s going to be an up hill battle the rest of this outdoor season if stays like this for sure! UGH!!

What ratio should I spray them with?? I have a 3% hydrogen peroxide

Luckily for us monsoon season usually starts to peter out in August and humidity drops back down into the teens. I have a swamp cooler with a 3100cfm fan blowing outside air in during the day. I turn the water on to it when I need to bring up the humidity or bring the temps down.

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