Help on veg height

Can i Flip at 18inches height with 6ft tent with a marshydro tsw2000 with 3 plants in 3 gallons only 1 top no lst. will that be to close to the light you think? Suggestions please. I like to grow more vertically compared to a bushy wide style with lst


Good Morning @Highest1 are you referring to the height of the plants? You can flip anytime you want to. Most people flip in accordance to how much room you have. Your plants can stretch again as tall as they were before you flip. I hope that is what you meant. Happy Growing :blush::v:


I would recommend that you you do. With a 6 ft tent and no training , in flower they may stretch beyond your height limit.


Plants will double sometimes triple in size after flip you have to figure how much room you have in the grow space with the light at max height

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I likem straight myself. Plan for double…expect 35-40. I veg very long and use fimming on photo. If i HAVE to stop her i typically supercrop the top and shut her down right there. Just me. This is a straight up in a 20. Staked already. I stopped upward in its tracks. 3x3x6

Cool so , one top on the main, and just let them grow to maybe 15-18 inches? I should have 4ft to play with using a 1 marshydro tsw2000. ? I only want maybe 3ft plants . 2oz each

They like an apex. You take main…rest grow to take over. Accidentally broke main on plant in picture transplanting from a 10 to 20. Rest shot on up and evened out well. I spread her legs with plant stakes no ties.

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Exactly. When I want all my colas at equal height I just bend top over and tie it off for couple days.